[Evolution-hackers] Evolution community meeting at #evolution-meet channel - June 20 - 3:30 PM UTC

2012-06-19 Thread Chenthill
Hi, The meeting goes as follows, * Project updates * Discussion on queries/decisions * Individual updates http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/CommunityMeet As some of you already know, I moved to some other project and spending most of my time there. At-least during the initial period, I would

[Evolution-hackers] out of source tree build issue and then installation fails with undefined references in git head

2012-06-19 Thread Reid Thompson
out of tree build requires the following manual intervention... 15001 cp evolution-data-server/libedataserver/*.h obj/evolution-data-server/libedataserver/ 15002 cp evolution-data-server/camel/*.h obj/evolution-data-server/camel/ build will then complete, but installation fails with

[Evolution-hackers] [Blog] Performance and Memory Usage of Evolution Data Server

2012-06-19 Thread Akhil Laddha
nice and detailed analysis of eds performance and memory usage by Mathias, providing url of the post on the list if you missed or if you are not part of planet gnome. http://taschenorakel.de/mathias/2012/06/20/performance-and-memory-usage-of-evolution-data-server/