[Evolution-hackers] problems building from HEAD

2009-11-01 Thread Roberto -MadBob- Guido
faced the same problem I think it exists another reason for the inconvenience, probably a very dummy one. Do any other else had compilation (or, better, linking) errors from HEAD in latest days? -- Roberto -MadBob- Guido http://claimid.com/madbob From a7f6b6efeb79367f340a817a4393725465ce8e0d Mon

Re: [Evolution-hackers] mail address validation

2010-01-21 Thread Roberto -MadBob- Guido
in Contact List: what about move it once in some shared file? -- Roberto -MadBob- Guido http://claimid.com/madbob ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list Evolution-hackers@gnome.org http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/evolution-hackers