Re: [Evolution-hackers] [patch] fixed incorrect rfc2047 decodefor CJKheader

2007-12-24 Thread Jeff Stedfast
Peter Volkov [EMAIL PROTECTED] 12/24/07 2:07 AM В Пнд, 24/12/2007 в 13:21 +0800, jacky пишет: --- Jeff Stedfast [EMAIL PROTECTED]wrote: There are two kind of email need to support: 1) An encoded-word was divided into two line. This was sent by dotProject v2.0.1 . And there are even

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Merging camel-mime-utils.c, question

2007-12-24 Thread Jeff Stedfast
it probably makes more sense to check *inptr first tho I'm not sure if it will actually make a difference. Jeff Philip Van Hoof [EMAIL PROTECTED] 12/24/07 8:35 AM While I was merging camel-lite with camel upstream I noticed this one in camel-mime-utils.c: @@ -2110,7 +2105,7 @@

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [patch] fixed incorrect rfc2047 decode for CJKheader

2007-12-23 Thread Jeff Stedfast
Hi Jacky, I've looked over your patch, but unfortunately it is unusable. The patch is riddled with buffer overflows and incorrect logic. What types of bugs are you actually trying to fix? What is it about CJK messages in particular that are not getting decoded properly? Your email was overly