Re: [Evolution-hackers] Building Evolution

2011-03-06 Thread Kjartan Maraas
sø., 06.03.2011 kl. 10.05 +0530, skrev Manu Gupta: I am sorry for extending this thread, I am attaching the jhbuildrc which I made and I get this error checking for SCANNER... yes checking for FFI... no checking for ffi.h... configure: error: ffi.h not found In the configure phase of

Re: [Evolution-hackers] build Evolution with jhbuild - unsuccessfull result

2010-04-02 Thread Kjartan Maraas
to., 01.04.2010 kl. 19.04 +0300, skrev Ivan A. Kostyuk: Hello Kjartan. I have installed packages: gettext, gettext-base (version 0.17-2ubuntu1) And did that help in any way? Maybe it's not finding them in your system prefix? Tried jhbuild bootstrap? Cheers Kjartan

Re: [Evolution-hackers] build Evolution with jhbuild - unsuccessfull result

2010-03-30 Thread Kjartan Maraas
sø., 28.03.2010 kl. 21.41 +0300, skrev Ivan A. Kostyuk: Hello dear colleagues. I did the build with help of jhbuild I got following errors: Running aclocal-1.11... /home/WORK/opt/gnome2/share/aclocal/audiofile.m4:12: warning: underquoted definition of AM_PATH_AUDIOFILE

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution: Taking forward...

2008-08-17 Thread Kjartan Maraas
fr., 11.07.2008 kl. 04.21 -0600, skrev Srinivasa Ragavan: Hello guys, We have had a set of problems that we are carrying around for some time like : * Copyright assignments, which is not the best way looking for the future of Evolution. It sucks and sort of limits contributions to

[Evolution-hackers] Patches in need of review (E-D-S)

2007-02-15 Thread Kjartan Maraas
Following up on the list I made for Evolution. This time e-d-s: Bug 363102 – E-D-S crash (and potential data corruption?) due to thread race condition Bug 359806 – Non-ascii characters generate trash in address lists

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [PATCH 3/3] Add some missing includes

2006-08-17 Thread Kjartan Maraas
tir, 15,.08.2006 kl. 08.50 +, skrev Tor Lillqvist: må 2006-08-14 klockan 19:58 -0400 skrev Pavel Roskin: From: Pavel Roskin [EMAIL PROTECTED] --- a/widgets/misc/e-icon-entry.c +++ b/widgets/misc/e-icon-entry.c @@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ #include e-icon-entry.h #include gtk/gtkentry.h