Re: [Evolution-hackers] Understanding (and maybe cleaning) a11y library split in evolution

2008-06-17 Thread Li Yuan
Frederic Crozat wrote: I think the a11y issue came from the original addition of a11y in evolution which was done after the initial code was done and it was decided to keep it in a separate place to prevent people stepping on others toes. Maybe it is time to change them to static links. Li

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [PATCH 2/3] Fix warning about ignored token after #endif

2006-08-16 Thread Li Yuan
Patch committed. -Li On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 22:13 +0800, Harry Lu wrote: Looks good. Please commit into HEAD with a ChangeLog entry. Next time please send a patch generated by cvs diff -up and send to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for review. Thanks, Harry On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 19:58 -0400, Pavel

[Evolution-hackers] About mail-composer's keyborad navigation

2006-03-29 Thread Li Yuan
Hi, I find that when we navigation the mail-composer window with keyboard, the toolbar between Subject line and mail body will never get the focus. I knew someone complained about focusing toolbar, because user cannot easily enough go to the body. But through the follow