Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution: Taking forward...

2008-10-13 Thread Mikhail Zabaluev
mail with permissions to do it, or code pointers - if you think you wrote a piece of Evolution code object. You're free to convert the license to my Bogofilter plugin code, as well as any other patches I've committed to Evolution, to LGPL v2 or v3. I appreciate your efforts. Mikhail Zabaluev

Re: [Evolution-hackers] strtok camel from evolution-data-server

2006-07-06 Thread Mikhail Zabaluev
В Чтв, 06/07/2006 в 21:23 +0200, Philip Van Hoof пишет: Tinymail depends on Camel. Camel gets shipped with e-d-s. Tinymail doesn't use *any* of the other e-d-s softwares, libraries nor its data. I don't see a problem; you can always split the e-d-s install into several packages. For RPM this is

[Evolution-hackers] Bogofilter plugin 0.2.0

2006-05-30 Thread Mikhail Zabaluev
Hello, After much slacking off, I've made available a new release of the Bogofilter junk plugin for Evolution: New in this release: - Updated the configure script to Evolution 2.6 - Fixed the plugin

Re: [Evolution-hackers] building evolution-data-server against the already installed libdb

2006-03-05 Thread Mikhail Zabaluev
В Пнд, 27/02/2006 в 17:49 -0500, Mikhail Teterin пишет: I'm trying to convince the maintainers of the evolution-data-server FreeBSD port ( to build the software against the db4-version installed by the separate port of SleepyCat's db4

[Evolution-hackers] Bogofilter junk plugin patch

2005-12-20 Thread Mikhail Zabaluev
/ChangeLog --- /dev/null 1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 - +++ plugins/bf-junk-plugin/ChangeLog 1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 - @@ -0,0 +1,10 @@ +2005-12-18 Mikhail Zabaluev [EMAIL PROTECTED] + +*, org-gnome-bf-junk-plugin.eplug.xml: +Adapted for inclusion in the Evolution source tree. + +2005-11-22

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server branched

2005-09-01 Thread Mikhail Zabaluev
В Чтв, 01/09/2005 в 15:16 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy пишет: On Thu, 2005-09-01 at 10:30 +0400, Mikhail Zabaluev wrote: Hello, В Срд, 31/08/2005 в 19:57 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy пишет: The gnome-2-12 branch for Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server has been created. This would