[Evolution-hackers] servers/exchange/storage cross-dependency.

2009-08-05 Thread Pat Suwalski
Hello, I was just building the dbus-hybrid branch of evolution-data-server. With LDAP enabled, the build breaks when building the exchange components. It appears that with the exchange storage/ and lib/ code including the functions of e-passwords.h introduces a bit of a cross-dependency

[Evolution-hackers] IMAP4 Camel Provider.

2009-03-24 Thread Pat Suwalski
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any plans or quick fixes to get e-d-s' IMAP4 provider building again (--enable-imap4=yes). With the 2.24.5 release it breaks with the following: camel-imap4-utils.c: In function ‘uidset_add’: camel-imap4-utils.c:309: error: ‘CamelFolderSummary’ has no

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Viewer for file-stored E-Mails

2008-12-19 Thread Pat Suwalski
Hi Michael, Michael Städler wrote: I usually store important E-Mails one-by-one in files, thus I can backup these information easily. I am in the process of switching from Windows/Outlook to Linux/Evolution. In Evolution the only Save as format is normal Unix mbox. But in Linux I cannot view

[Evolution-hackers] 2.22.3 Breaks evolution-scalix?

2008-08-14 Thread Pat Suwalski
Hello, I have more or less taken over maintenance of the evolution-scalix connector. I am, admittedly, not very familiar with Evo. I am requesting help as the update to Evolution 2.22.3 breaks Ubuntu/8.04, Debian Sid, and Fedora/9 in different and interesting ways. Everything worked very