Re: [Evolution-hackers] How to use the Camel library to access email service

2014-09-15 Thread Pierre-Yves Luyten
Hi!, 您好吗? I found Milan reply interesting but did not really hack on this, 您见不见了? Cheers Pierre-Yves Milan Crha writes: On Tue, 2014-08-19 at 16:34 +0800, Chunyang Xu wrote: Hi all! I want to adding email as storage supporting for a GNOME app, named bijiben. With this

[Evolution-hackers] some api for memo ?

2012-07-20 Thread Pierre-Yves Luyten
Hello, Is there some API to play with evolution memos (vjournal) from another application? seems it's just .ics , but the VJOURNAL type is different than VTODO / VEVENT (The goal would be to have some note editor taking advantage of evolution features to have online memos.) I believe i won't

Re: [Evolution-hackers] some api for memo ?

2012-07-20 Thread Pierre-Yves Luyten
Start with e_client_utils_new() and pass E_CLIENT_SOURCE_TYPE_MEMOS as the source type. Thanks I will have a look in this direction!, seems a cool way Pierre-Yves ___ evolution-hackers mailing list To change your list