Re: [Evolution-hackers] [PGP] decrypt into local folder

2019-07-09 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi, On Tue, 2019-07-09 at 12:25 +0200, J T via evolution-hackers wrote: > I encrypt almost all my emails with PGP. This has several significant > drawbacks: > 1. Since I generate new private key every year, I need to keep track > of all of them to be able to decrypt and look at my old emails.

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Support for Autocrypt?

2018-01-02 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi. On Tue, 2018-01-02 at 13:45 +0100, Milan Crha wrote: > The > biggest problem is that the whole thing depends on the mail > applications, as both ends should use clients which understand the > feature, thus there's a problem with interoperability (at the moment) > and basically no use for it

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Account autoconfiguration/autodiscover

2016-03-01 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi! On Mi, 2016-02-24 at 11:58 +0100, Milan Crha wrote: > it's not a large change, but not a tiny too. Hm. GSoC is 12 weeks or so. And the intern would probably be completely unaware of Evolution's codebase.  Do you think that's feasible, still? > b) a better option would be to add a new

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Account autoconfiguration/autodiscover

2016-02-24 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi! On Mi, 2016-02-24 at 10:20 +0100, Milan Crha wrote: > the current Evolution (also the development version 3.19.90) doesn't > support any kind of this autodiscover thing for mail accounts. Do you think it would be something for the upcoming Summer of Code or Outreachy rounds? Cheers,   Tobi

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Reconsidering our release cycle

2013-07-28 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi. On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 07:21:46AM -0400, Paul Smith wrote: On Wed, 2013-07-24 at 10:58 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote: And if a distribution ships a few weeks before a release, that now means they can be shipping a version of Evolution which is a *year* old, instead of only six months

Re: [Evolution-hackers] mail address validation

2010-01-21 Thread Tobias Mueller
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hey :-) On 21.01.2010 19:17, Roberto -MadBob- Guido wrote: In the first version of the patch ( ) I've provided a routine built on regular expressions (regcomp() and regexec()).

Re: [Evolution-hackers] mail address validation

2010-01-21 Thread Tobias Mueller
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi, On 21.01.2010 19:57, Tobias Mueller wrote: I'd be delighted to see an implementation that parses all corner cases, i.e. foo/ or !foo%bar?baz*, correctly. That might be a challenging Summer of Code assignment

Re: [Evolution-hackers] stacktraces, debug: How to link evolution with debug version of glib, gtk on ubuntu karmic

2009-12-24 Thread Tobias Mueller
Heya :) On 24.12.2009 20:43, Thomas Mittelstaedt wrote: I try to get glib debug information for the glib libraries in backtraces on ubuntu karmic. Even though I installed the debug packages, gdb does not pick up the non-stripped library: Sounds like a bug to me. How do you know it doesn't

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Core dumps from Evolution

2009-10-20 Thread Tobias Mueller
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Heya :-) On 15.10.2009 16:57, Paul Smith wrote: I'm seeing pretty common core dumps, all of which have the same signature: #0 0x7f49a9ddab0a in __xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilename (URI=0x7f4994045710

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Changes from 2.26 to 2.28

2009-10-04 Thread Tobias Mueller
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hey Rohan :) Thanks for your critics :) On 04.10.2009 02:47, Rohan Agrawal wrote: * In the panel that lists the mails, each mail is given a much wider space, which seems like a waste. GNOME already consumes a lot of screen

Re: [Evolution-hackers] unable to build from trunc: changes only found in git repository

2009-04-22 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hey :) Holger Goetz wrote: can someone confirm that latest changes only get included to the new git repository and no longer find their way into svn? confirmed. AFAIK, the SVN is read only. No problem to use git instead of svn when compiling from trunc - but it seems that the git repository

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Cannot run evolution built using jhbuild

2009-01-07 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi, On 07.01.2009 22:20, Stefano Canepa wrote: 2) what's going wrong the evolution built by jhbuild? The build itself works properly, right? Running your newly build Evolution fails, if I read your log correctly. To run evolution, you should do a jhbuild run evolution. It is not clear to me,

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Can't build Evolution-Data-Server due to undefined reference to `e_proxy_require_proxy_for_uri'

2008-06-12 Thread Tobias Mueller
Bonjour :) On 09.06.2008 20:10 Muelli wrote: I have troubles building e-d-s: gcc -g -O2 -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-pointer-sign -Wl,-O1 -Wl,--enable-new-dtags -Wl,--sort-common -Wl,--as-needed -o .libs/soap-test soap-test.o -pthread -Wl,-R/usr/lib/nspr

[Evolution-hackers] can't configure evolution as of rev 34033 due to ?

2007-08-18 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi folks, I desperately try to build evolution but even the configure fails. Please see the following transcript: *** Checking out evolution *** [1/1] svn update . Uhelp/es/es.po Updated to revision 34033. *** Configuring evolution *** [1/1] ./ --prefix /opt/gnome2

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.11.6(.1), Evolution-Data-Server 1.11.6(.1), GtkHTML 3.15.6 and Evolution-Exchange 2.11.6(.1) released

2007-08-08 Thread Tobias Mueller
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi, On 08.08.2007 19:15, William John Murray wrote: Thanks Matthew - except that on F7 there seems to be a packaging problem. If I yum update evolution --enablerepo=development (and add evolution-exchange via rpm) I get: undefined symbol:

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Error dialogs in evolution data server plugin

2007-06-29 Thread Tobias Mueller
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi :) On 20.06.2007 06:53, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote: I don't think you can do a error display from EDS. Just see how the e-cal errors/failures work. They return a code to the clients (Evolution) and Evolution displays a error using e-error. This

[Evolution-hackers] Simple Question to ChangeLog

2007-06-16 Thread Tobias Mueller
Hi Evolution Hackers :) Please let me introduce myself. I am Tobias Mueller, from Hamburg, Germany and I want to hack on Evolution. I am a SoC student and I want to improve Evolutions behaviour in displaying threaded emails. I am digging through the code and try to understand, how things work. I