[Evolution-hackers] evolution crashes when using libmapi

2008-09-22 Thread liushuai
(LWP 30107) exited] [New Thread 0xb483eb90 (LWP 30108)] [Thread 0xb483eb90 (LWP 30108) exited] store_db_path /home/liushuai/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db folders table succesfully created [New Thread 0xb483eb90 (LWP 30109)] store_db_path /home/liushuai/.evolution/mail/imap/[EMAIL PROTECTED

[Evolution-hackers] Evolution does not support message's priority?

2008-04-09 Thread liushuai
Hi every experts, I reviewed the code of evolution and also checked all columns in evolution message list window. However, I could not find where to display the priority of new email? I could not see whether the mail was urgent or normal or non-urgent. Of course, outlook and web email client of