Re: [Evolution-hackers] Recurrence woes

2006-08-02 Thread Jules Colding
On Tue, 2006-08-01 at 15:57 -0700, Scott Herscher wrote: Hey all. I'm pretty close to getting recurrent events working (I think), but Evolution doesn't seem to want to behave. Maybe this is something trivial like your get_static_capabilities() implementation not returning the right

Re: [Evolution-hackers] libecal and libedata-cal versions

2006-08-02 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 17:05 +0200, Øystein Gisnås wrote: When the version bump was commited to 2.6.x, it was not commited to the 2.7.x tree. Why was that? Because you only bump versions just before releases? I hope so. I noticed that libedata-cal versions were synced with 2.6.x in

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Bug: win32 evolution windows filesystem.

2006-08-02 Thread Tor Lillqvist
on 2006-08-02 klockan 14:02 +0200 skrev Smartuser: I've noticed that when you want to connect for example to an IMAP server that runs on a non standard port it wants to create a file with : in it like .evolution/mail/[EMAIL PROTECTED]:2143 this failes becouse of windows Yup, known problem,

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Recurrence woes

2006-08-02 Thread Scott Herscher
Hey Jules...thanks for responding. It's not that...and I just learned something interesting. I built evolution-data-server by hand, and then instrumented file backend...because it seems to work correctly. I noticted that when there are recurrent exceptions, e-file-backend will return the