[Evolution-hackers] query string format

2008-05-08 Thread Bill Filler
Hello, Can anyone explain how to format a query string for e_cal_get_object_list() that gets ALL tasks in the system_tasks() database? I tried #t and that works for initial query, but then only returns new tasks after that when I run it again and I need to get all tasks again. I couldn't find

[Evolution-hackers] Please pay attention to evolution-exchange trunk while I commit the outstanding Win32 diffs to it

2008-05-08 Thread Tor Lillqvist
Hi, I have now started committing the outstanding Windows patches to evolution-exchange trunk. I am quite careful and try to make sure I don't break anything on Linux, but still, it would be nice if somebody who is able to test evolution-exchange on Linux could check now and then that

[Evolution-hackers] mboxtool

2008-05-08 Thread Jeffrey Stedfast
Not necessarily Evolution-specific, but I've had reason to 'fix' my mailboxes a number of times in the past year and so I've written this little tool. gcc -o mboxtool mboxtool.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs gmime-2.0` Enjoy. Jeff /* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: t;