[Evolution-hackers] Too many open files for folders.db

2008-10-12 Thread Jeff Cai
Hi evolution process shows a large and growing number of file descriptors open on a small number of folders.db files; once there are over 255 open file descriptors (the default limit) new operations seeking to open a file descriptor fail and evolution stops working. Whenever you click a

[Evolution-hackers] New anti-spam method for open source software

2008-10-12 Thread Abraham Agay
Dear Evolutionists, Do you think Evolution would benefit from the anti-spam method described in: http://shum.huji.ac.il/~agay/blog.cgi?asc If so I may be able to write the support code. Yours Abraham Agay Hebrew U. of Jerusalem ___ ___

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Too many open files for folders.db

2008-10-12 Thread Srinivasa Ragavan
Jeff, This should be fixed in stable as of last wednesday or so. -Srini. On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 11:45 +0800, Jeff Cai wrote: Whenever you click a folder, the folders.db will be opened once. So if you run Evolution for a while, you will find dozens of file handles of folders.db. Is this a