[Evolution-hackers] Message-ID

2011-09-28 Thread venom00
Hello, I've come up with a simple patch to change the generated Message-IDs. Currently they're like: {UNIX-time}.{Evolution PID}.{Mail Counter since Evolution Start}@{Machine Name} I've simply taken it, computed the SHA512, put it in BASE64 and then I append @evolution.gnome.org Message-id:

[Evolution-hackers] A little E-D-S code reorganization

2011-09-28 Thread Matthew Barnes
Now that I have this 3rd D-Bus service on my account-mgmt branch, I'm realizing there isn't really a natural place in our source tree to add it. I kinda just have it lumped on at the moment. What I'd like to do is add a new top-level folder called services and split the e-addressbook-factory and