[Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE : Evolution 2.4.0 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.4.0 Release

2005-09-05 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi All, The Evolution Team is pleased to announce the release of Evolution 2.4.0 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.4.0. What is new since Evolution 2.2 ? - - A new menu layout (More HIG compliant) - Inline PGP Signature/Encryption support. - Performance enhancements

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Feature Requests

2005-09-16 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Please file a bug (enhancement) against Evolution in bugzilla.gnome.org. Kicking off a discussion in the Evolution wiki (http://go-evolution.org/Evo2.6) can help get more immediate attention. --Harish On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 22:40 -0600, Alejandro Bonilla Beeche wrote: Hi, I have a

Re: [Evolution-hackers] e-util compiling errors evo-

2005-11-01 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
your prefix looks suspicious. Just do a make clean to get rid of the generated files and regenerate your Makefile just to be sure.. On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 08:07 -0500, AG wrote: I believe I've got a simple compile error, but I've not found very many answers via the ubiquitous google search..

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Formated Printing

2005-11-15 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Greg, Thanks for your interest. On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 13:15 -0600, Gregory P. Ennis wrote: snip Can you point me in the right direction, or how can I help to work on the solution. Drop in at irc.gimp.org at #evolution (or better still, on go-evolution.org) we can kick-start

[Evolution-hackers] Re: About evolution-data-server/libedataser and evolution/e-utils

2005-11-24 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 16:33 +0800, Irene wrote: Hi, Harish I built evolution 2.6 on my Solaris X86 the other day. The build process was successful, however, as soon as I started evolution-2.6, it crashed. We investigated this problem and arrived at the following conclusions:

Re: [Evolution-hackers] About evolution-data-server/libedataser and evolution/e-utils

2005-11-24 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 09:27 +, Ross Burton wrote: On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 09:19 +, Ross Burton wrote: On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 16:33 +0800, Irene wrote: Currently, the MD5Context structures in evolution-data-server/libedataserver/md5-utils.h and evolution/e-utils/md5-utils.h are

Re: [Evolution-hackers] About evolution-data-server/libedataser and evolution/e-utils

2005-11-24 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Md5-utils.ch are not the only files that are duplicated. Most of the files in evolution/e-util have similar copies in evolution-data-server/libedataserver. Yes. To be more precise, evolution-exchange in addition to e-util and libedataserver :-). I've created a wiki page

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Sending mails using disabled accounts

2005-11-29 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 00:38 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote: It looks like current CVS does not allow sending E-mails uing disabled accounts. I very often disable E-mail accounts to make it possible to choose between multiple of my E-mail addresses. you mean - not having them shown up in the

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Future of Evolution Spellchecking?

2005-12-15 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Andre, On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 14:21 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote: so would that patch be accepted? any comments or thoughts on this? and by whom would it be accepted, because who maintains gnome-spell anymore? i know that radek was the last person working on gnome-spell (and harish as

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Spam attack on go-evolution.org

2005-12-19 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
I am away from office - on leave and would be back only on Jan. Srini/Varadhan, can you please look into the same ? Thanks, Harish On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 10:28 -0500, JP Rosevear wrote: On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 14:58 +, Tor Lillqvist wrote: Check out the Recent Changes page... Lots of pages

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Remove duplicate e-util-marshal.list in evolution/widgets/misc

2006-01-10 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
This change looks fine to me. Actually, it must have been just oversight not having removed e-util-marshal.list from evolution/widgets/misc. Srini has been working on widgets/* more than any of us lately, though. Thoughts, Srini ? Thanks, Harish On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 18:47 +0800, simon.zheng

[Evolution-hackers] String/UI change notifications for commits done on UI Hackfest

2006-01-12 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
hi All, We are in String/UI Change announcement period and I notice the due notifications to gnome-doc lists have not been sent for patches related to the UI Hackfest. So I will be sending a consolidated notification citing all the changes done as part of the UI Hackfest with a cut-off on Jan

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: evolution and pango in 2.13.90 don't play nice

2006-02-02 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
At gentoo, we patched the gtkhtml-2.13.90 tarball. A new one would be nice, but is not necessary. fwiw, I rolled out Gtkhtml- tarballs yesterday that have Matthias' fix for the pango issue. Regards, Harish ___ Evolution-hackers mailing

[Evolution-hackers] Re: Gender ...

2006-02-16 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 12:11 +, michael meeks wrote: So, At the risk of offending the gender-confused; it would be -extremely- useful to have a Gender boolean in the evolution addresbook [ of course, perhaps there is I'm just missing it but I dug into the code ]. No. There isn't.

[Evolution-hackers] Announce : Evolution 2.6.0, EDS 1.6.0, Evolution-exchange 2.6.0 and Gtkhtml 3.10.0 releases

2006-03-14 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi All, The Evolution Team is pleased to announce the release of Evolution 2.6.0. What is new in 2.6 ? # Memo Component # New Look for the Event/Task/Meeting Editor # Calendar Publishing support

[Evolution-hackers] IRC meeting cancelled

2006-04-13 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi all, The weekly IRC meeting scheduled for 1000 UTC today stands cancelled as it is a day off in Bangalore and the team is not in office. Harish ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list Evolution-hackers@gnome.org

Re: [Evolution-hackers] unprofessional or what

2006-04-17 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Ralf, On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 17:09 +0200, Ralf Engels wrote: snip Bugs at bugzilla.gnome.org don't get re-viewed. So no checking, no assigning and even my patched bugs just lay around. Since a month. Even Microsoft is faster! I am sorry your patch did not receive more love than it so

Re: [Evolution-hackers] a security issue with Evolution

2006-04-22 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Which version of Evolution are you referring to ? Evolution 2.6 does not let you send mails through accounts that have not been enabled. This issue has been fixed already. That also leads me to kindly remind you - Upgrade, Upgrade :-) Thanks, Harish On Sat, 2006-04-22 at 02:12 -0300, Jose

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Google Calendar sync

2006-04-22 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Peter, Thanks for your interest. I am not aware of anyone working on Google Calendar ATM. You have the head start :). The way to approach this would be to write a new Calendar backend in Evolution-Data-Server (in C, yes). To start, * Let everybody know you are working on it and

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Request for adding version information to libcamel soname

2006-04-24 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Øystein and Heikki, My hearty wishes to both of you, the new Debian Evolution package maintainers :-). Looking forward to work with you towards a better 'Evolution' for the world at large. On the bigger point, I am in favor of your suggestion on the versioning scheme for Camel. On finer

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [ANNOUNCE] Unstable - Evolution 2.7.1, Evolution-Data-Server 1.7.1, Evolution-Exchange 2.7.1 and GtkHTML 3.11.1

2006-04-25 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
, so I could roll out the tarballs in time. The version should work fine for other providers and most scenarios in GW too, though. Harish On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 17:54 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote: Am Montag, den 24.04.2006, 22:50 +0530 schrieb Harish Krishnaswamy: You can download

Re: [Evolution-hackers] A bug for todo conduit.

2006-05-13 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
You are right. I am moving the timezone check ahead of init-ing the calendar server. Thanks, Harish On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 11:25 +0800, Yu-Hui Liu wrote: Just take a look at evolution/calendar/conduits/todo/todo-conduit.c, found a bug.

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Your system configuration does not matches evolution configuration

2006-05-18 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Tue, 2006-05-16 at 21:35 +0100, Keith Sharp wrote: Is there a bug open for this? I can pretty reliably recreate this on my laptop by running Evolution, stopping Evolution cleanly, hibernating my laptop, resuming and trying to start Evolution. Keith. The message means what it says - The

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Bogofilter plugin 0.2.0

2006-05-31 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi, P.S. I'm still willing and able to adapt the source for inclusion in the Evolution source tree, with the developers' consent. However, introducing choice between the two available junk plugins may render the user's configuration non-obvious, so I understand if you wish to keep only one

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Fix for #331743 - crash on first start

2006-06-07 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Yes. I have approved the patch in bugzilla. Thanks, Harish On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 10:22 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote: Hi, Please look at http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=331743 Evolution 2.7 crashes on startup if you run it within a clean user account. This happens because

Re: [Evolution-hackers] How would this work?

2006-06-11 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Yes. It is indeed possible for you to use the IMAP camel provider to talk to your custom server. Just have a look at how the GroupWise provider is implemented. See camel_provider_module_init () in

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Something screwy when Evolution Shell invokes bonobo_activation_active_server_unregister()

2006-06-19 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Tor, Please commit the patch to HEAD as well as the stable branch. The change looks fine to me. I will also get the unregister action tested in the regular builds on the branches and perhaps in MacOS (I do not know if it matters, but anyway!) as a routine but I do not expect any surprises.

Re: [Evolution-hackers] po/LINGUAS disaster, going on

2006-06-20 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
My comments updated on http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=337996 -Harish On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 09:03 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote: evolution-exchange-2.7.3 is translation-less ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list

[Evolution-hackers] strtok camel : Core dump [Was : strtok camel from evolution-data-server]

2006-07-07 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Philip, Most Evolution people already know this. This is just the E-mail you guys have been asking about (well, actually most of you guys asked me to make a bug in bugzilla). Yes. The Evolution Team has been in conversation with you by mail/irc and in person (at GUADEC). So or

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Camel in evolution-data-server, a different proposal

2006-07-13 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Wed, 2006-07-12 at 19:13 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote: At this moment, all those fall under the name of evolution comma data comma server. Some of these libraries (like Camel) don't necessarily have anything to do with the Evolution data that is being managed by the data server of

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Compilation Linking flags

2006-07-18 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Tue, 2006-07-18 at 17:02 -0400, Teresa Thomas wrote: How can I obtain the compilation and linking flags necessary for libical and libecal (EDS)? Pkg-config doesn't seem to be supported. Thanks. They are. [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ pkg-config --cflags libecal-1.2 -DORBIT2=1 -pthread

Re: [Evolution-hackers] no-inst headers camel-private.h?

2006-07-19 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 14:36 +0200, Smartuser wrote: Hi, I've some question about the camel-private.h Why is it a no-inst header according to the Makefile.am? As far as i know almost every provider depends on it. Is there a reason or is it just a mistake? Serjan Pruis As the name

Re: [Evolution-hackers] pvl_list structure in libical

2006-07-22 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Mathew, On Fri, 2006-07-14 at 17:06 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote: Hi all, I've recently started maintaining Evolution for Red Hat. snip The source code is dated November 1995 and looks to be isolated to libical. It's basically a linked-list of void pointers, and I don't see anything

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Persisting ESource

2006-07-25 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 14:36 -0700, Scott Herscher wrote: Hey all. I'm trying to add a property to an ESource instance after it has been created. This change doesn't seem to persist at all. In my ECalBackend class, I call e_source_set_property(...). Looking at the code,

Re: [Evolution-hackers] ECalBackend vs. ECalBackendSync

2006-07-31 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 03:08 -0400, Peter Colijn wrote: Suppose I am writing a new calendar backend. Which of these two interfaces is preferred? The requirements of your application and the characteristics of your backend should guide the choice. If I implement ECalBackendSync, will

Re: [Evolution-hackers] libecal and libedata-cal versions

2006-08-02 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 17:05 +0200, Øystein Gisnås wrote: When the version bump was commited to 2.6.x, it was not commited to the 2.7.x tree. Why was that? Because you only bump versions just before releases? I hope so. I noticed that libedata-cal versions were synced with 2.6.x in

Re: [Evolution-hackers] More e-d-s ABI breakage ?

2006-08-11 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 10:00 +0100, Michael Meeks wrote: So, --- source/drivers/evoab2/EApi.cxx +++ source/drivers/evoab2/EApi.cxx @@ -41,9 +41,10 @@ #include EApi.h #endif static char *eBookLibNames[] = { - libebook.so.8, // evolution-2.0 + libebook-1.2.so.9, // **

Re: [Evolution-hackers] More e-d-s ABI breakage ?

2006-08-11 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 21:47 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy wrote: On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 15:54 +0100, Michael Meeks wrote: Hi Harish, First - thanks for digging these changes out for me. But - no, I'm not just interested in ebook (though for OO.o that is all), but I'm -primarily

Re: [Evolution-hackers] More e-d-s ABI breakage ?

2006-08-11 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
version to help avoid regressions, and indeed ship it for older platforms. So - if you could do the same for the other e-d-s libraries, it'd be great to see what changed there too. On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 20:03 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy wrote: The changes in question are as follows

Re: [Evolution-hackers] e-d-s ABI breakage [ .so bump ] ...

2006-08-16 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 16:12 +0100, Michael Meeks wrote: So, I spent a while digging into this and trying to patch it to remove the changes and create something that could be back-compat, so we could downgrade the .so version again. Then - I noticed that (apparently) SL 10.1

[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Team Meeting Today (16 Aug) stands canceled

2006-08-16 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Many of us in the team would be missing the meeting today as it turns out to be extension of the Indian Independence day and the adjoining festival. We would not be meeting at irc today in the regular meeting. If you have any issues that you wanted to discuss in the meeting, do please post them

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Request for patch review and freeze break in evolution

2006-09-03 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Nickolay, Thanks for the patch. I have reviewed this patch (looks fine) but following the due process, I prefer to have this reviewed by one of the mail hackers before the release team is approached and if approved, the change is absorbed into the release candidate. This is my current

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Code Freeze Break Requests

2006-09-04 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
:54, Harish Krishnaswamy a écrit : Patch #1 Bug : http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=324118 Description : Remove IMAP4rev1 from stable releases Approval 1/2. Approval 2/2 Patch #2 Bug

[Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE: Evolution 2.8.0, Evolution-Data-Server 1.8.0, GtkHTML 3.12.0 and Evolution Exchange 2.8.0

2006-09-04 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
) Chenthill (#353763) Nickolay V. Shmyrev (#334966). Thanks, Harish Krishnaswamy. ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list Evolution-hackers@gnome.org http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/evolution-hackers

Re: [Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE: Evolution 2.8.0, Evolution-Data-Server 1.8.0, GtkHTML 3.12.0 and Evolution Exchange 2.8.0

2006-09-04 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
OK, great. Does one use libsoup-2.2.96 with this? Thanks, Bill Evolution 2.8.0 and friends have been tested against libsoup-2.2.96 and they work well with it. I am not aware if Dan is planning to make a fresh release of libsoup for GNOME 2.16. but libsoup 2.2.96 should

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Compile problems on darwin

2006-09-14 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Looks like http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=339721 to me which has been resolved fixed. Does your configure.in file have the PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG macro. Refer to http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/evolution-data-server/configure.in?r1=1.167r2=1.168 HTH, Harish On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 10:50

Re: [Evolution-hackers] What GLib and GTK+ versions do we support?

2006-09-20 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 16:26 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote: Stupid question maybe, but configure.in doesn't tell me. I'm asking because I'd like to use some recently added features like the GSlice allocator in some patches I'm working o n. What's the policy on this? Use whatever GNOME 2.16

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Sender photo in email display

2006-10-05 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Riccardo, On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 18:46 +0200, Riccardo Lancellotti wrote: Hello, I have been working on a patch to add the sender photo when the sender of the mail is included in the addressbook and (obviously) it has a photo. Great and Thanks. It is always nice to have new contributors

[Evolution-hackers] Evolution and friends branched for 2.16

2006-10-16 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi, I branched the following modules Evolution Evolution-Data-Server GtkHtml [1] Evolution-Exchange [1] for the GNOME 2.16 stable series on Saturday. Thanks for all those who held their patches for HEAD so we could focus on the patches for 2.8.x. You

[Evolution-hackers] [ANNOUNCE} Evolution 2.9.1 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.9.1 released

2006-10-16 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi All, The Evolution Team is pleased to announce the release of Evolution 2.9.1. What is New ? = This release does not have any new major features yet but includes plenty of bug fixes since the 2.8.[0 1] releases. Also, there is no new release on the evolution-exchange module as

[Evolution-hackers] Building Evolution Exchange from HEAD / with Evolution 2.9.x

2006-10-17 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi, As noted in my previous mail, there was no new release of the Evolution Exchange module along with Evolution 2.9.1 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.9.1. as we had no changes to the source/translations since the previous release. However, in case you are building Evolution Exchange from HEAD

[Evolution-hackers] [UPDATE] Evolution released

2006-10-19 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi, Evolution has been released as an update to the Evolution 2.8.1 release (GNOME 2.16 stable series) with fixes to a few critical bugs/regressions [ see details below]. You can download the source tarballs at

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution documentation

2006-11-08 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Francisco, Mucho Gracias. Srinivasa Ragavan / Radhika are currently handling the documentation tasks of Evolution. I have requested them to work with you and co-ordinate the efforts towards the adoption of gnome-doc-utils. Thanks, Harish On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 11:52 +0100, Francisco Javier F.

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Copyright assignment

2006-11-15 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 21:15 +0100, Håvard Wigtil wrote: I found http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfcontent/private.php/evolution/docs/copyright_form.pdf , and after trying to list that directory the more sensible URL http://forgeftp.novell.com/evolution/docs/copyright_form.pdf. Could

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Groupdav connector for Evolution

2006-11-30 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Shreyas, The code is here http://svn.opengroupware.org/OGoProjects/evolution/trunk/shreyas/ Some of the files in the packages miss copyright/license details while many still retain copyright notices from the original Evolution sources with dated entries and missing information about the

[Evolution-hackers] [ANNOUNCE} Evolution 2.9.3 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.9.3 released (with GtkHTML 3.12.3 and Evolution-Exchange-2.9.3)

2006-12-04 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Translations: Ivar Smolin (et), Jakub Friedl (cs), Karsten Bräckelmann (nb), Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es), Christophe Merlet (fr) Contributors : Francisco Javier F. Serrador (gnome-doc-tools integration, 358249) Harish Krishnaswamy (evolution.desktop install fixes, GW proxy pruning, memory leak

[Evolution-hackers] RFC: Evolution's library requirements

2006-12-05 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi fellow hackers, With reference to Bug 380534 on clarifying Evolution's library requirements, I am putting down my thoughts and recommendations here and will be proposing this in the weekly evolution meeting (#evolution-meet on irc.gimp.org at 1000 UTC 6 Dec 2006) tomorrow. Comments/questions

Re: [Evolution-hackers] evolution-data-server/calendar/libical and SVN

2007-01-02 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 00:29 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote: hejhej, Am Dienstag, den 02.01.2007, 14:46 + schrieb Ross Burton: Those problems might not be a real issue, as nobody really hacks on libical. correct, Although not as active as the rest of the module, there have been quite a

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [Evolution] tips and tricks and questions and answers.

2007-01-08 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Andre : Thanks a lot for sharing these invaluable nuggets. You rock as always :-). I have added them to the project wiki at http://www.go-evolution.org/FAQ. I appeal to all contributors to use this page for consolidating their FAQ inputs and help in making this the de facto reference point for

[Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE: Evolution 2.8.3 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.8.3 Release (with GtkHTML 3.12.3 and Evolution-Exchange-2.8.3)

2007-01-29 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Zheng (352108), Nickolay V. Shmyrev (340165), Matthew Barnes (357970, 383027, 377511), Chris Halls (372528), Wang Xin (389966, 389961, 380064), Raghavendran (343943), Kjartan Maraas (330969). Harish Krishnaswamy (208959 - bnc, 377626) GtkHTML-3.12.3 -- Updated Translations

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Where to put UI items for templates (Bug #127529)

2007-02-12 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi Andre, Thank you for your concern - but I believe I *did* give Matthew some feedback on the patch over IRC (see Chat transcript [1] below) a couple of weeks ago - about a possible ABI violation and a possible way to avoid it and he had agreed to rework that bit. We do love those who love

[Evolution-hackers] [UPDATED] Re: Updating our list of GNOME contributors

2007-03-07 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
Hi, This is a list (I hope I have not overlooked any) from the Evolution/EDS/GtkHTML/Evolution-Exchange modules. Harish Krishnaswamy Srinivasa Ragavan Chenthill Palanisamy Sankarasivasubramaniam Pasupathilingam Veerapuram Varadhan Matthew Barnes Andre Klapper Chris Heath Hiroyuki Ikezoe

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Fix the build with iconv?

2007-03-13 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 00:50 -0600, Elijah Newren wrote: Hi, I know they aren't the most critical patches in the world, but is there anyway I could convince someone to fix the build logic for iconv in evolution and evolution-data-server? The patches already exist at

Re: [Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE: Evolution 2.10.0, Evolution-Data-Server 1.10.0, GtkHTML 3.14.0 and Evolution Exchange 2.10.0

2007-03-14 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 23:04 -0400, Claudio Saavedra wrote: El Tue, 13-03-2007 a las 13:08 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy escribió: Hi All, The Evolution Team is pleased to announce the release of * Evolution 2.10.0 * Evolution-Data-Server 1.10.0 I'm