[Evolution-hackers] Couldn't find this on the 'Net -

2010-11-23 Thread Kenny,Vale
Hello Evolution-Hackers, My employer's primary email system is Exchange 2007. I am trying to build the most current dev check-in of Evolution in the hopes of being able to connect reliably to the Exchange server so I can stop rdp-ing into a windows machine to use Outlook ( we use

[Evolution-hackers] Nevermind - RE: Couldn't find this on the 'Net -

2010-11-23 Thread Kenny,Vale
Yours truly is an idiot. Branch != release version. From: Kenny,Vale Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 9:32 AM To: 'evolution-hackers@gnome.org' Subject: Couldn't find this on the 'Net - Hello Evolution-Hackers, My employer's primary email system is Exchange 2007. I am trying to build

Re: [Evolution-hackers] ExchangeServer 2003: MAPI or Exchange?

2010-11-29 Thread Kenny,Vale
Dunno if this exchange is appropriate in this list(I’m a n00b), however, in my experience evolution-exchange will work fine with 2003. Things don’t start getting sketchy until Exchange 2007, and there if you want full function you must use exchange-mapi, which is very sketchy indeed ( or at

[Evolution-hackers] Evolution build script

2010-11-29 Thread Kenny,Vale
Heyas all, I'm trying to build Evolution using Paul Smith's script and having virtually 0 luck. I get the following: http://pastebin.ca/2006084 The second half of the error is what I get when I try and run the command referred to in the initial error... This happens during the 'install' and

[Evolution-hackers] Evo 2.91.x and MAPI

2010-11-29 Thread Kenny,Vale
Has anyone tried evolution-mapi 2.91.x with Exchange server 2007 yet? It just occurred to me that I may be completely wasting my time; an activity at which I have significant experience and many fond memories, however not one in which, for the nonce, I'd choose to continue developing. So...

[Evolution-hackers] Script

2010-11-30 Thread Kenny,Vale
If this is not the appropriate forum for these discussions, please let me know. In the meantime, running Paul Smith's script, I am getting: /usr/src/evolution/openchange/script/installsamba4.sh: line 253: ./autogen-waf.sh: No such File or Directory Error in lib/talloc autogen (error code 127)

[Evolution-hackers] One more error evolution-mapi but getting close to the end

2010-12-01 Thread Kenny,Vale
Hi Paul, One more error in the script. I'll be sending you my version of the Makefile as soon as I make it all of the way through. :-) BTW, I got openchange subsequently Samba4 to build by tweaking the Makefile. The error is now with evolution-mapi. Rather than dump the whole thing here,

[Evolution-hackers] Just rebuilt from fresh

2010-12-07 Thread Kenny,Vale
Using Paul Smith's script, disabling openchange in the script, it built just fine, but when I try to run evolution I get camel-WARNING camel_type_regiser: invalid junk parent class for CamelSession Glib_GObject-critical: g_type_register_static: assertion `parent_type 0' failed Any