[Evolution-hackers] External editor plugin

2008-09-16 Thread Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva
Hello, I wanted to addapt the external editor plugin for evolution to work more or less as this feature in claws-mail. I think it should be invoked from the composer, and edit only the body of the mail, no the To: Subject: etc fields; and to be able to configure it to run automaticaly when the

Re: [Evolution-hackers] External editor plugin

2008-09-18 Thread Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva
Em Qua, 2008-09-17 às 11:22 +0530, Sankar escreveu: I have not seen how this is done in claws-mail. Is it external editor embedded into the composer body area ? No, the composer body area gets blocked while the external editor is being run and, when it's done, the edited text gets to the