Re: [Evolution-hackers] Making the editor component replaceable (some first idea's, overview what would need to be done)

2005-10-16 Thread Tor Lillqvist
On sö, 2005-10-16 at 14:20 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote: There's however a few issues and things to add: One more point is that switching GtkMozEmbed will require an unknown amount of work on the Win32 platform. It might be (relatively) trivial, or it might be quite difficult. I really can't say

Re: [Evolution-hackers] About evolution-data-server/libedataser and evolution/e-utils

2005-11-24 Thread Tor Lillqvist
On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 18:57 +, Ross Burton wrote: As evolution obviously depends on libedataserver already, surely for the files which are identical there is no problem at all? My thoughts exactly. I couldn't control myself, sorry, and went ahead with one of the duplicates: I changed the

[Evolution-hackers] Win32 changes are now committed to evo (and e-d-s)

2005-12-18 Thread Tor Lillqvist
All Win32 related changes have now been committed to evolution (and evolution-data-server already some days ago). Please test that everything still works as expected on Unix... There is still some cleanup to do, for instance more stuff should be moved from evo/e-util/e-xml-utils.c to

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Questions about merging evo/e-util/e-util.c into e-d-s/libedataserver/e-util.c?

2005-12-21 Thread Tor Lillqvist
on 2005-12-21 klockan 10:45 + skrev Ross Burton: I've not looked at the source, but what does e_gettext() do that the i18n functions in glib/gi18n.h doesn't? Well, e_gettext() calls bindtextdomain(E_I18N_DOMAIN, EVOLUTION_LOCALEDIR) and bind_textdomain_codeset(E_I18N_DOMAIN, UTF-8) the

[Evolution-hackers] Don't forget to write ChangeLog entries!

2005-12-31 Thread Tor Lillqvist
Hey, it's very irritating to do a cvs update and notice stuff like: cvs server: Updating libwombat cvs server: Updating macros cvs server: Updating mail P mail/em-folder-properties.c P mail/ P mail/mail-session.c P mail/mail.error.xml cvs server: Updating mail/default

Re: [Evolution-hackers] symbol ugliness ...

2006-01-10 Thread Tor Lillqvist
fr 2005-12-09 klockan 17:50 + skrev michael meeks: ^^ Hmm, either you have a time machine Michael, or there has been some slight delay in the mailing list ;-) Anyway, many of the duplicates you list (I guess that's what this is about, interposing ?) have indeed been fixed, or are

[Evolution-hackers] Re: Symptom-fixing for Win32 paths

2006-01-19 Thread Tor Lillqvist
to 2006-01-19 klockan 23:12 +0100 skrev Philip Van Hoof: in mail_component_init somebody (I'm assuming you) did something like this: #ifdef G_OS_WIN32 { char *p = priv-base_directory; while ((p = strchr(p, '\\'))) *p++ = '/';

Re: [Evolution-hackers] building evolution-data-server against the already installed libdb

2006-03-05 Thread Tor Lillqvist
As far as I can recall, when I asked the same thing, the response was that this is how Berkeley DB is supposed to be used, embedded into another product. That some (all?) Linux distributions choose to also ship a separately installed instance was irrelevant ;) --tml

[Evolution-hackers] Re: Evolution, Evolution-Data-Server, GtkHTML, Evolution-Exchange branched to gnome-2-14

2006-03-09 Thread Tor Lillqvist
to 2006-03-09 klockan 10:51 +0530 skrev Srinivasa Ragavan: The gnome-2-14 branch for Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server, GtkHTML and Evolution-Exchange has been created. Does this mean the outstanding Win32 patch set to evolution-exchange (see

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Windows version status?

2006-05-08 Thread Tor Lillqvist
On må, 2006-05-08 at 11:46 +0100, Pejvan BEIGUI wrote: I have been following the Evolution mailing list for a while now, but I can't seem to find any information about the Windows port, mentionned here: though the 2.6 has now been

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Something screwy when Evolution Shell invokes bonobo_activation_active_server_unregister()

2006-06-18 Thread Tor Lillqvist
lö 2006-06-17 klockan 02:23 +0300 skrev Tor Lillqvist: I should still of course also investigate why the other (unknown) mechanism which causes unregistration to happen anyway on Unix doesn't work on Windows... I think I have a good guess now: The problem is that all sockets by default

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Something screwy when Evolution Shell invokes bonobo_activation_active_server_unregister()

2006-06-19 Thread Tor Lillqvist
må 2006-06-19 klockan 00:18 +0300 skrev Tor Lillqvist: I think it is possible to get the same effect as FD_CLOEXEC, though, by duplicating the socket using DuplicateHandle() to be non-inheritable, closing the original, and using the duplicated socket instead. Will have to try. Indeed, works

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Something screwy when Evolution Shell invokes bonobo_activation_active_server_unregister()

2006-06-19 Thread Tor Lillqvist
må 2006-06-19 klockan 09:48 -0400 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast: Is there a ::destroy() method on the EShell object (like GtkWidgets)? Perhaps it would be better to unregister there rather than in an idle cb? My concern is that in the idle cb, there may still be a race? Nah... The impl_finalize()

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Camel in evolution-data-server, a different proposal

2006-07-21 Thread Tor Lillqvist
on 2006-07-12 klockan 19:13 +0200 skrev Philip Van Hoof: It simply looks like Evolution developers didn't know where to stack all these Evolution libraries. And thought .. oh, we already had this Evolution data server thing .. lets simply put it there. During the 2.6 development phase and the

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Bug: win32 evolution windows filesystem.

2006-08-02 Thread Tor Lillqvist
on 2006-08-02 klockan 14:02 +0200 skrev Smartuser: I've noticed that when you want to connect for example to an IMAP server that runs on a non standard port it wants to create a file with : in it like .evolution/mail/[EMAIL PROTECTED]:2143 this failes becouse of windows Yup, known problem,

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [PATCH 3/3] Add some missing includes

2006-08-15 Thread Tor Lillqvist
må 2006-08-14 klockan 19:58 -0400 skrev Pavel Roskin: From: Pavel Roskin [EMAIL PROTECTED] --- a/widgets/misc/e-icon-entry.c +++ b/widgets/misc/e-icon-entry.c @@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ #include e-icon-entry.h #include gtk/gtkentry.h #include gtk/gtkbox.h #include gtk/gtkhbox.h +#include

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [PATCH 3/3] Add some missing includes

2006-08-15 Thread Tor Lillqvist
ti 2006-08-15 klockan 10:18 -0400 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast: the original idea was to speed up compile time Sure, I can guess that, but is it worth it? Some timings would be interesting, but on the other hand, it can't be worth spending time on doing such timings... --tml

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Latest 'stable' CVS tag

2006-09-09 Thread Tor Lillqvist
fr 2006-09-08 klockan 12:02 -0400 skrev Reid Thompson: What tag should I use to get the latest stable build from CVS? Or is HEAD considered stable enough to use? Well, at this fleeting moment in time, just after the release of fresh major versions, HEAD *is* stable. Until new stable branches

Re: [Evolution-hackers] your Software Evolution 2.6.2 for Win32 on ComputerBILD covermount CD

2007-01-10 Thread Tor Lillqvist
Konstantin Breyer writes: Join in. For the sake of good order, please fax the signed license agreement (please delete inapplicable terms) back to us (+49/40/34 72 93 77) and e-mail me the system requirement sheet. You don't need any permission to redistribute Evolution. That's one point of

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Let's clean up dead files in Subversion trunk

2007-09-24 Thread Tor Lillqvist
someone will inevitably waste time maintaining them, not realizing or forgetting they're dead. Oh yes. I remember doing that several times when I was porting it to Windows... --tml ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Post-release version incrementing

2007-12-10 Thread Tor Lillqvist
I notice we've been doing pre-release version incrementing [...] I was wondering if the team would be open to switching to post-release version incrementing May I suggest a third, in my opinion superior, way: Both. That's what cairo uses, see

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Post-release version incrementing

2007-12-12 Thread Tor Lillqvist
Tor, It may not work out here, since the micro version is what we bump during release which is in sync with the GNOME Release micro version. I sent the idea to desktop-devel-list and gtk-devel-list instead, as mbarnes suggested. Let's see if anything comes out of it. Some people seem to like

[Evolution-hackers] Please pay attention to evolution-exchange trunk while I commit the outstanding Win32 diffs to it

2008-05-08 Thread Tor Lillqvist
Hi, I have now started committing the outstanding Windows patches to evolution-exchange trunk. I am quite careful and try to make sure I don't break anything on Linux, but still, it would be nice if somebody who is able to test evolution-exchange on Linux could check now and then that

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Understanding (and maybe cleaning) a11y library split in evolution

2008-06-16 Thread Tor Lillqvist
you'd get a nice dependency loop in Makefile. Welcome to the club. The circular dependencies between shared libraries in e-d-s and evolution are interesting. As you might imagine some dirty hacks, er, I mean clever tricks[1], are needed to work around the circular dependencies when building this

Re: [Evolution-hackers] How to create portable modules

2008-08-07 Thread Tor Lillqvist
What configure arguments do I use to build evolution so that the following portability warnings don't appear: *** Warning: Linking the shared library against the loadable module *** is not portable! Just ignore the warnings. The way

Re: [Evolution-hackers] EVolution-MAPI

2009-10-27 Thread Tor Lillqvist
I wonder if can myself compile it using cigwin environment from the source Cygwin is not Windows. Cygwin is a kind of Unix that just happens to run on top of Windows. The existing port of (older versions of) Evolution and the necessary parts of the GNOME stack below is specifically for *native*

Re: [Evolution-hackers] EVolution-MAPI

2009-10-27 Thread Tor Lillqvist
(Please don't follow-up privately to a message thread that started on a public mailing list. I am adding evolution-hackers back to the recipient list.) It would be great to have a similar tutorial on how to build it from source to port for windows, the packages required, the configure,

Re: [Evolution-hackers] mail address validation

2010-01-21 Thread Tor Lillqvist
$RFC822PAT = 'EOF'; [\040\t]*(?:\([^\\\x80-\xff\n\015()]*(?:(?:\\[^\x80-\xff]|\([^\\\x80-\ (etc) I want a T-Shirt with that! I wonder what the RFC822 authors were smoking. Or is it possible to implement a correct RFC822 email address pattern matcher in code in a significantly simpler way than

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evo-Plugin Coding Style

2010-07-01 Thread Tor Lillqvist
style. patch.shtml talks about 8-space-tabs Just some nitpicking here: I hate it when people say loosely that tabs correspond to 8 spaces (or four, or whatever). A TAB character indents to the next multiple of the tab width. The tab width is a certain number of columns. Exactly how many spaces