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2011-09-28 Thread venom00
-zywa3vbqywsp0a8fb3qzu-2r36dmqn7dxtpyvq9vbsoslp0urdkwy9ceyt654zmgbj_byk19gt-3czm...@evolution.gnome.org Comments, critics or simple rejection are welcome. Feel free to change or improve the patch, which is GPL'd. I've worked on gnome-2-32 branch. Have a nice day! venom00 diff --git a/camel/camel

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Message-ID

2011-09-29 Thread venom00
: Message-ID: 11:00 AM - PID: 123 - Message count: 512 Sure! It's a real life example! This is a joke, but one could obtain a lot of information about user activity if he has a good amount of e-mail, a mailing list for example. Do you consider the patch invasive? Have a nice day! venom00