Re: [Evolution] leaving mail in spool

2001-05-23 Thread NotZed
not yet, working on that now is there a way to keep evo from emptying out the spool file? I have it set to read from my local /var/spool/mail/tvon, but I also use mutt and I dont want the file emptied out any help? TIA -Tom --

Re: [Evolution] Reuse same window

2001-09-20 Thread NotZed
On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 21:40, Eric Lambart wrote: Why would you want to do this? In the open message window, you can go back and forth through the messages in the current folder using N, P, F, and B keys, as well as the toolbar button equivalents of F and B (for explanations of these

Re: [Evolution] Sharing mail between Mozilla Evolution

2001-09-19 Thread NotZed
Using symlinks is entirely unsupported. Using maildir format or an IMAP server are the way to go. The mbox format should be compatible though, and so long as locking can work properly (you can't just symlink the mbox file for example) and netscape actually locks the files, it should be ok.

Re: [Evolution] Message counter fixed!

2001-10-19 Thread NotZed
Dan actually worked out why, I just managed to recreate it and ask the right annoying questions! The message counter is now working!!! I would like to thank notzed for killing this bug.=20

Re: [Evolution] 0.15 comments

2001-10-19 Thread NotZed
Sounds clear as mud. (sorry, someone had to do it) On Fri, 2001-10-19 at 20:41, Jason Tackaberry wrote: Second: Somewhere along the line Search-show all became search-clear. I personally thought show all was a particularly clear lable and that it isn't clear exactly what clear

Re: [Evolution] Problem with mail account not showing up in folder

2001-10-19 Thread NotZed
Trash folders? Not sure you can unsubscribe the trash folder. Anyway there were problems with unsubscribe/resubscribe that I just fixed, though i'm not sure they'd manifest that way. Yeah! I think there is a problem with unsubscribe. This morning I unsubscribe a lot of my trash folders

Re: [Evolution] Problem with old folder

2001-10-21 Thread NotZed
Just delete the folder directory manually. i.e. rm -rf /home/jst/evolution/local/Banco Hi... This is my problem...I had a folder called Banco Edwards...but i deleted it...and when i start says evolution-shell-WARNING **: No folder metadata in /home/jst/evolution/local/Banco...

Re: [Evolution] Problem with old folder

2001-10-22 Thread NotZed
Huh? Did you rm it? On Sun, 2001-10-21 at 21:19, NotZed wrote: Just delete the folder directory manually. i.e. rm -rf /home/jst/evolution/local/Banco Hi... This is my problem...I had a folder called Banco Edwards...but i deleted it...and when i start evo

Re: [Evolution] Colors of the number of mails

2001-10-22 Thread NotZed
Are you using some funny theme? The grey is definetly dark enough for me on my laptop or crt. Maybe it can be tweaked, perhaps submit a cosmetic level bug report on about its legibility? Hi, is there a specific reason, why the number of mails/read mails in a certain

[Evolution] Filter/vFolder on mailing list now matches domains

2001-10-22 Thread NotZed
Hi All, Just thought i'd let people know i've changed the way filtering and vfoldering on mailing lists works a little bit; as defined when you create the rule using the menu's. It now tries to determine domain info for your rule. If the rule doesn't have domaine info in it though (a

Re: [Evolution] Applying filters automatically

2001-10-25 Thread NotZed
Do you mean new as in unread, or new as in recent? Hello, I should have added that I'm sure Evolution is the only IMAP client looking at my mail, yet when I start it up it doesn't apply filters to the many new messages in my INBOX. Maybe there is something wrong with the IMAP server

Re: [Evolution] Default format for new folders ?

2001-11-21 Thread NotZed
No there isn't. But if you're using maildir, i'd suggest you setup a new 'mail account' which has a server type 'maildir' and point it to a maildir tree. Then you can just create as many maildir folders as you want. The only 'drawback' is you can't have the folders intermingled with other

Re: [Evolution] No new snapshots?

2001-11-21 Thread NotZed
Nothing but RC packages are available, becuase we'd like to test them more, obviously. As when 1.0 is frozen its actually going to be stuck onto physical media, and not something people will want to update every day. This why updates to the codebase have slowed down so much, every patch is

Re: [Evolution] Extremely long link times

2001-10-23 Thread NotZed
This is libtools fault mostly, but also gnome-config's fault (because of limitations which pushed the problem into libtool i guess). There's a patch around for libtool 1.4 which is supposed to address it a little (try the archives). Most of the time is spend in a stupid shell script which

Re: [Evolution] evolution-mail not starting ....

2001-10-23 Thread NotZed
Fixed in next snapshot. Stupid bug, I tried to open a log file and didn't check it worked, even when it wasn't asked for. When run from oafd, for some weird reason oaf starts it with cwd of /, so the open fails, but when run manually the cwd is probably ~/ so it works. Subject pretty much

Re: [Evolution] Deleted and Moved message display

2001-10-23 Thread NotZed
--=-Qw0qiGyjGyYI/RMhnZZf Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I really like Evolution except for a couple of annoying (and I hope only temporary) behaviors. I hate the strikethrough display. I like to read messages in my inbox and after I read each message I

Re: [Evolution] startup assistant

2001-11-28 Thread NotZed
Goto file-import, should be straightforward from there. If it crashes, please submit a bug report + backtrace. Hi I use netscape as my mail client today, but want to try evolution. First time I started it the startup assistant started, but it crashed. So, I did not get any netscape

Re: [Evolution] I'm migrating to Sylpheed

2001-12-01 Thread NotZed
Have ypu tried: log out login as oot and run: rm -rg /tmp/orbit* relogin oaf-slay evolution Also, upgrade oaf and orbit. This isnt an evolution problem. If you cant get it to work. well, enjoy whatever you use. Its only a bloody mail client. On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Chimbis wrote:

Re: [Evolution] feature requests

2001-12-01 Thread NotZed
The progres bar only shows the first server but actually uses the right server. I relied to this earlier but the stupid isp i'm using blocks smtp. On 1 Dec 2001, Fabian Moerchen wrote: On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 02:32, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote: On Sat, 2001-12-01 at 13:17, Fabian Moerchen wrote:

Re: [Evolution] HELO command not supported

2001-11-28 Thread NotZed
What sort of half arsed broken smtp server are you using? Create a bug report and attach a trace of the output of evolution-mail when CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 is set in the environment before its run. Extremely irritating! When I try to send mail (SMTP) with no authentication method

Re: [Evolution] Features possible?

2001-11-28 Thread NotZed
I have a few nitpicks with Evolutions right now, and I'm wondering if any of these things are possible? Perhaps I overlooked some configuration options ... * When a filter is applied that moves a message to another folder, the original message is left in my inbox but

Re: [Evolution] Cannot connect to courier-imap server

2001-11-28 Thread NotZed
Are you uing ssl, if you're using openssl, it doesn't work. are you accessing the server simultaneously from different clients. Hi! Using evolution 0.99.2, I get the following error message when I try to connect to my local courier-imap server: Error while 'Scanning folders in IMAP

Re: [Evolution] no sync

2001-11-19 Thread NotZed
I doubt it'd make much difference. We did some profiling, it was only minor. Hi ! My laptop (as several laptops) has a sloow HD. I think that's why Evo is so slow: it does an fsync() or something like this when writing its mail, and this brings my computer to a halt during several

Re: [Evolution] Re: local inbox vs. IMAP inbox

2001-11-19 Thread NotZed
It might be that 'filter new messages in inbox' is set on the imap account and there is a rule that moves messages ot the local inbox or something (although afaik it should use the remote inbox if nothing matches). IMAP doesn't download messages otherwise, they remain on the server. Unless

Re: [Evolution] evolution dies when displayed to a SGI

2001-11-19 Thread NotZed
Edit the imlibrc file and turn off shared pixmaps on the client. Hi, When I try to display evolution ( rc 2 ) running from a Linux box onto an SGI I get this : $ evolution Gdk-ERROR **: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) serial 1222 error_code 8 request_code 62 minor_code

Re: [Evolution] Sent Mail weirdness

2001-11-20 Thread NotZed
Anything else weird also happen, like hanging on exit:? Sent this out a few days ago, and have heard nothing, so here goes again... I have Evolution put copies of sent mail on an IMAP folder on my server. For some reason, and I cannot figure out exactly WHY, or what causes it (seems

Re: [Evolution] Evolution takes very long to read IMAP folders

2002-06-14 Thread NotZed
On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Alexander Skwar wrote: So sprach Not Zed am 2002-06-13 um 21:50:06 +0930 : them away and rely on the summary content, or store them some other, more efficient way (like a null mbox). Hm, wouldn't a null Maildir be even more efficient (at least on some filesystems -

Re: [Evolution-hackers] bold folders are not showing up in latest

2001-09-18 Thread NotZed
Yeah upgrade. And dont fill this list with this stuff, mail evolution@ please. Hello, I have the same problem with the latest CVS version. It's pretty annoying, I have to double check my email in PINE to be sure no message *gets lost* :( because of the filters

Re: [Evolution-hackers] e-unicode-i18n.[ch] moved to GAL

2001-10-29 Thread NotZed
Flame Next time could you please, perhaps, with sugar on it, compile the patch, before submitting it, at least once? I'm also a little concerned at your patch approval process: joe because I needed to get that unicode change in joe and I got one response to my email, from Zbignew joe who said

Re: [Evolution-hackers] evolution forgets passwords

2001-11-28 Thread NotZed
Head isn't 'supported' at the moment, use 1.0, and this isn't the right forum to ask. hello, while having nautilus running for several hours in the background and letting it do a mailcheck within 10 mins interval, i detected that it loses the remembered password every now and then. so i

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Vfolder chnages

2001-10-11 Thread NotZed
. Luis On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 19:08, NotZed wrote: 4 letter word. No reason this should be diff to any other, but i suppose there's something wrong there :( On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 14:49, jacob berkman wrote: On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 17:49, Not Zed wrote: I'll make

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Vfolder chnages

2001-10-10 Thread NotZed
Yes, new matching messages will always get added 'immediately'. That is so obviuosly the whole point of the new code, i hardly thought it worth mentioning, sicne i may as well have not written it and saved a days work :) On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 17:54, NotZed wrote: No, sync happens when

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Vfolder chnages

2001-10-11 Thread NotZed
4 letter word. No reason this should be diff to any other, but i suppose there's something wrong there :( On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 14:49, jacob berkman wrote: On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 17:49, Not Zed wrote: I'll make 'sync' write out changes to disk but not refresh the folders, i'll

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Any documentation around anywhere?

2002-06-14 Thread NotZed
On 13 Jun 2002, Joe Khoobyar wrote: Hi everyone. I just recently subscribed to this list because I'd really love to customize and add some features to Evolution. I'm a professional software developer and I've been writing code since I was ten, so I'm not out of my element or anything.