[Evolution] How to look at native Linux mail msgs in Evo

2001-04-18 Thread Rupert Heesom
I've seen on the lists previously that there's a method of viewing the native Linux mail msgs from within Evo. I'm talking about the mail msg text file /var/spool/mail/rupert (my user mail). Can someone give me a quick run-down, or tell me where to find the archive of messages containing the

[Evolution] Contact in Evo 0.10

2001-04-29 Thread Rupert Heesom
I've just installed Ximian 1.4, got Evo through Red Carpet. Evo managed to load up (which is more than others are saying!), but the NEW list of contacts in Evo (the ones which I had to upgrade to the new database format) now crash Evo. I can't even view them. I CAN view the OLD set of contacts,

Re: [Evolution] very slow composition window creation

2001-05-08 Thread Rupert Heesom
On 03 Apr 2001 16:52:04 -0400, Fernando Pereira wrote: I've updated today to 2001., but also to the latest Gnome 1.4 beta available through RC. I don't know what the culprit is, but creating a composition window now takes some 20 sec on a litghly load, fast machine. I used to have

Re: [Evolution] contacts are not back - ev .10 - ximian 2

2001-05-24 Thread Rupert Heesom
On 24 May 2001 08:21:21 -0400, Fernando Pereira wrote: On 24 May 2001 07:01:11 -0400, Christopher James Lahey wrote: On 23 May 2001 17:42:39 -0400, Fernando Pereira wrote: After some investigation, I think I agree. There's a whole mess of db versions and symbolic links to db versions in

Re: [Evolution] contacts are not back - ev .10 - ximian 2

2001-05-23 Thread Rupert Heesom
Hi! I've just upgraded my Evo to evolution-0.10-ximian.2 hoping to get my addressbook back, but still no addressbook. My file addressbook.db looks similar to yours - [rupert@localhost Contacts]$ file addressbook.db addressbook.db: Berkeley DB 2.X Hash/Little Endian (Version 5, Logical sequence

[Evolution] Folders not always working with filters

2001-09-14 Thread Rupert Heesom
I have discovered that if I create a folder PRIOR to creating a filter (not from within the filter dlg), then the filter is unlikely to - 1) Be recognised by Evo as even existing until Evo is reloaded. 2) Be unusable by a filter at all. If I create a folder AS PART of a filter creation (from

[Evolution] Suggestion for Evo

2001-09-18 Thread Rupert Heesom
I've noticed that the emails I put into the outbox to be flung out when I next dial out cannot be edited. I have to forward the msg to get any additions put in. I would much appreciate the addition of an editing capability if I open an email in the outbox. Even if I have to use a context

Re: [Evolution] Trouble with Contacts

2001-09-20 Thread Rupert Heesom
I am having similar problems with the contacts to yourself. I've just upgraded my Evo using Red Carpet to version - evolution-0.13.99-snap.ximian.200109140708 I've found that when I try to scroll across the contacts window, then the whole of Evo freezes. In fact, within Gnome, I can't do a

Re: [Evolution] Latest Evo Snapshot and Redhat 7.1

2001-09-26 Thread Rupert Heesom
On Fri, 2001-06-01 at 10:19, Mark Logan wrote: By the way, it was much easier to manage this stuff when we could just download the snapshots from the ftp site. Then I could fairly easily keep track of the last working snapshot and revert if necessary. Now I have to remember to copy the rpms