Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Machinelike or Random?

2015-02-04 Thread [FairfieldLife]
just say We don't know but the event is analyzable . . . then go home and have dinner with the SO. Instead of calling it 'random' - which is just woo for science folks who are afraid the conversation might degrade into talking about spirits or the soul. But then, I'm a hard ass : )

[FairfieldLife] Re: Machinelike or Random?

2015-02-03 Thread [FairfieldLife]
Claiming some event is random just means the event is too complicated and we don't understand it yet. So there is no calling a thing random, that is only being lazy.

[FairfieldLife] Re: Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

2015-01-24 Thread [FairfieldLife]
the article isn't asking Why? but How How or from where does consciousness arise? Or, what is the fundamental reality - which might have something to do with the What we do now/

[FairfieldLife] Re: Origin of the Universe and Species

2015-01-14 Thread [FairfieldLife]
What sucks for the vacuum cleaner is that it was created from other stuff - and it's in a constant state of flux - meaning it's subject to modification, and in fact, is falling apart right before your eyes. Imagine sitting on the edge of a wild camp fire where flames and sparks are sporting

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Origin of the Universe and Species

2015-01-14 Thread [FairfieldLife]

[FairfieldLife] Re: Origin of the Universe and Species

2015-01-14 Thread [FairfieldLife]
A few thoughts that may lead nowhere . . . At least some of the experiences we have, for example looking at the moon, are stored somehow in the brain. We know they are stored because we can recall them later.Also, if I first wish for a turkey sub but then prefer a veggie burrito, these

[FairfieldLife] Re: To my atheist friends on FFL

2014-12-19 Thread [FairfieldLife]
We can (and maybe should, that's not for me to say) hold all sorts of beliefs, but when the rubber meets the road, are those beliefs reinforced or undermined by experience as we live our lives micro second by microsecond? IOW, I take a realist approach to the question re the existence of god:

Re: [FairfieldLife] How does one decide if a person's testimony is valid?

2014-12-17 Thread [FairfieldLife]
Words have meanings from dictionaries and various wiki's, and words have meanings from convention; but in any case, words are defined by other words . . . unless one is lucky enough to get a gesture thrown in as well. As such, much of what goes on here in FFL is semantics. I could build a

Re: [FairfieldLife] How does one decide if a person's testimony is valid?

2014-12-17 Thread [FairfieldLife]
I don't think Niz is making an appeal to truth, especially any truth with a capital T - - but certainly he's making an appeal to honesty - honesty as to what if anything persists and what can one say about the here and now . . . and BTW, this is an honesty that no Mother would share with a

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Marco Polo Arrives

2014-12-16 Thread [FairfieldLife]
My first meetings with Maharishi were unplanned and pleasant. I was on TTC Arosa in '75 Being a country-boy from WI and in Arosa in June it was like a second spring and I took opportunities to go gallivanting in the Alps. One time I returned from a walk to find Maharishi had flown in on

[FairfieldLife] Re: Ramayan in Human Physiology-with video links

2014-12-11 Thread [FairfieldLife]
I also began by watching the What is the Self VDO and two thoughts come to mind. Firstly, Tony is sticking with the Shankara traditional presentation/philosophy that Maharishi employed. Now, whether MMY packaged his message in vedic iconery out of compassion, as in, that's what we were

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Live Stream | 30th November

2014-12-01 Thread [FairfieldLife]
I didn't make it all the way thru the video - did Hammond mention the George Burns / John Denver project and if it was considered a success or not?

[FairfieldLife] Re: Real names of FFLers?

2014-10-30 Thread [FairfieldLife]
I commented on this last week - I have no idea who 'Barry' or 'Jim' are posting under (for example) It really only matters for folks who are referred to by names other than their user/post name. If I told you my real name it wouldn't mean a thang - I didn't make the Most Wanted List.

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Belief in God is a form of mental illness

2014-10-23 Thread [FairfieldLife]
You are very good at quoting scripture and contents of text books (and there is a value to that), but when you look to the honesty of your moment to moment experience - What do you find? Put aside traditions and ancient wisdom - they are not relevant today - today its What are you bringing to

[FairfieldLife] Re: Belief in God is a form of mental illness

2014-10-22 Thread [FairfieldLife]
I've been around FFL a while, but don't post often as conversations quickly become too personal (I don't know folks by their given names) - and although I can wade thru muck and mire, way too much bandwidth is used up on folks dealing with their own emotions. and I can't figure out the forum

[FairfieldLife] Re: Consciousness Is The Ultimate Reality, was Belief in God is a form of mental illness

2014-10-22 Thread [FairfieldLife]
This may be above my pay-grade, but if one is a transcendentalist/idealist, then belief in classic cause and effect is incompatible with that belief . . . or one has to significantly qualify what is meant by cause and effect. Many folks who refer to them selves as transcendentalists/idealists

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Belief in God is a form of mental illness

2014-10-21 Thread [FairfieldLife]
there seem to be 2 questions running through this thread: 1) is a belief in God a mental illness and 2) is a belief in God justifiable. the first question is too cumbersome for me - having the notion of mental illness imbedded in the question . . . and I can't speak as to what a mental

[FairfieldLife] Re: Belief in God is a form of mental illness

2014-10-21 Thread [FairfieldLife]
Yes you got the spirit of my thoughts, and thanks for chiming in.The heart of it was this sentence: ' I include anything that is physical/material, or anything that interacts with the physical/material.' especially the . . . and anything that interacts with the physical/material because

[FairfieldLife] Re: Could astrology be correct? The season in which you were born may affect your personality, scientists claim

2014-10-20 Thread [FairfieldLife]
these studies, should they be valid claims - - - how are these 'astrology'? How are these claims tying planetary and lunar movements as cause and effect to events on earth?For example, we don't need Astrology to explain the seasons.

Re: [FairfieldLife] A Charlie Lutes audio 'The Highest Teaching'

2014-10-04 Thread [FairfieldLife]
Buck thanks for observation - I've been thinking similar recently that it's not about the sutras or powers but the locating of awareness between - so I mix up the order of sutras and make up a few of my own because as Hillary would say what difference does it make? It's easier and more clear

[FairfieldLife] Re: Hawking: 'There is no God'

2014-09-30 Thread [FairfieldLife]
It comes down to this: When we get 'to the bottom of this' what do we find . . . a brute fact, an inert material process, or, will we find value, a nature, an innate disposition . . .

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Link to the invitation for Nov 30th

2014-09-30 Thread [FairfieldLife]
Has anyone commented on this George Hammond? Anyone know him? I'm from Madison WI and I think he hails from the vaulted Hammond family in these parts.

[FairfieldLife] Re: Hawking: 'There is no God'

2014-09-27 Thread [FairfieldLife]
In order to make the statement that mind is an emergence of physical matter/energy - one has to make the inference there is physical matter/energy - and this is an inference that can not be proven . . . thus, why the notion mind is an emergence of matter/energy is 'dogmatic'. Perhaps its a

[FairfieldLife] Re: Adi Shankara

2014-09-25 Thread [FairfieldLife]
Kali Yuga?We've been in the Age of Enlightenment since 1975.

[FairfieldLife] Re: Jerry Jarvis' Birthday

2014-06-30 Thread [FairfieldLife]
A few years back they were looking for a volunteer to drive Bevan from Milwaukee or Madison or vice verse and I sure was tempted to sign up and get up to speed, lock the doors and get the grillin' on but then I realized that could back fire and get stuck with 2 hours of cookie-dough

[FairfieldLife] Re: The Ultimate Heresy

2014-05-21 Thread [FairfieldLife]
A long winded stawman argument . . . that others are idolizing one state of attention over another state is in your own head. For example, if you go to the doctor 50 lbs over weight and a smoker, your doctor may recommend 'a different state of attention', whether you want to make a change or