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On Mon, 9/2/13, wrote:

 Subject: RE: Re: [FairfieldLife] See you around
 Date: Monday, September 2, 2013, 9:36 AM
 This new site is a real bother, I have to admit. I became
 rather fond of the old format and could play around with it
 easily. Now I am reduced to responding by email and still
 don't know how to post pictures. Or place my comments to
 other posts within the original post I am responding to.
 Thus, all my posts appear at the top of the page (horrors).
 It just ain't the same.

I wrote:

Why can't you put your comments within the post you're responding to? I think I 
just did exactly that (but I won't know until I see this on the Web site).
 --- In, wrote:
 Heck with the site Salyavin, email works
 well.  The site is out of your
 Isn't it great you have
 a job?  
 From: salyavin808
  Sent: Sunday,
 September 1, 2013 11:40 PM
 [FairfieldLife] See you around

   I am completely fucking fed up with this bollocks
 new site and cannot be bothered to work out a simple way of
 getting it to do what I
 want. Maybe when I get a week off
 I'll be able to explain something to Judy so she will
 understand and not use it as an excuse to accuse me of not
 understanding something she doesn't want to explain
 herself and instead use whithering sarcasm to try and kid
 herself she's making a valid point. You
 aren't! Life is too short or
 rather my lunch break is

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