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2013-11-21 Thread authfriend
Has Barry been forging my email again?? I'll skin him alive. I guess he's 
trying to scrounge a bit of income now that he's left his job.

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 Are you *sure* there is no such thing as the MGC? Because if that's the case, 
I just wired my thousand dollar 'Platinum' initiation fee to someone, who I 
thought was you, in Nigeria. You even attached those pics from your camera 
safari - The giraffes, and the chimp wearing a fez. You said you'd be back 
stateside soon, and my scroll, and ceremonial ring would be arriving shortly. 
What's going on??

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 Share snarled:
  Judy, imo MGC did Avoidance Dance recently WRT indiff's language. Where was 


 In the first place, there's no such thing as MGC. That's a fantasy of 
Barry's. In the
 second place, what the hell does indiff's language (whatever that refers to) 
have to
 do with our exchanges? This is just more avoidance on your part, trying to 
change the

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2013-11-21 Thread emilymaenot
Re: I do not initiate attack.  Share has re-written reality in order to 
justify her post to you yesterday which wasn't even close to an in kind 
response.  Then, she chooses to defend her reality re-write like it represents 
truth so she doesn't have to accept responsibility for her own behavior and 
motivations.  Of course, I can't see her figment of imagination in her own 
mind. Share, try and be kind today.  Standing up for yourself involves 
accepting your own behavior first and having the guts to own it, not fighting a 
battle to preserve your self-created delusions.

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 Heck! It might even help global warming! But what about horses?!

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 Judy, imo MGC did Avoidance Dance recently WRT indiff's language. Where was 
their outrage then?! It's still about RWC for them imo and that's why they 
exempt their buddies from their protestations, moral posturings, etc. and focus 
on me. Going by what others here have said, you are the queen of grudge holding 
and as such your words have little value from my perspective. Same for Ann and 
Emily when they're in that prejudiced and or nasty mode.

And to answer the MGC posts from last night: one of your most vicious tactics 
imo is to poison a fun exchange I'm having with another poster. Which usually 
happens when I've been ignoring you all. IMO this is what Ann did, despite all 
of her clever and or politically correct utterances and your moral posturing. 
And I don't feel like a victim at all. I feel like someone who has stood up 
appropriately for herself. 

From the beginning of all this, you initiate attack, Judy and I defend myself 
as I see fit. I do not initiate attack and that is, I think an important 
difference. One that you will more likely neither see nor admit.

 Will this help?




 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 10:45 PM, emilymaenot@... emilymaenot@... 
   Ann, I love you. You and Judy are in a tie for the best post of year - song 

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 Are you saying that Ann's picture of herself at the beach was vicious?  Or are 
you saying her parody was vicious?  I understand that you truly believe that 
Ann was after you, personally, on a public forum with public posting and you 
thought you were responding in-kind. Share, you are doing the classic 
re-write of reality here to try and not take responsibility for yourself.  I 
don't think you can help this. Take me on next, Share.  Come on, I dare you - 
stop going after just Judy and Ann.  I feel left out.  And remember, If you 
like it, I love it.  

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 Emily, imo, Ann viciously poisoned a fun exchange that I was having with 
Richard, a tactic used often by MGC, not only when I ignore you all, but imo 
precisely because I'm enjoying exchanges with other posters. It's one of the 
most vicious things that you all do and I will continue to respond in kind. 
btw, turq once said something mean about Judy's looks.


 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 6:32 PM, emilymaenot@... emilymaenot@... 
   And look, you are still at it Share...reaching for anything to distract 
yourself from the fact that you wrote a mean and malicious post. I can't even 
think of anyone else who has stooped so low as to attack someone's personal 
visage, except you.  Face it Share. Your post was trying to hit below the belt 
and create hurt. Sad, but true.  No biggie, just the bad part of the blend 
of good and bad (and I paraphrase what you say there) that human beings are, 
right?  No reason to apologize.  

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 imo, RWC is the #1 big reason you all keep attacking me. Expecially you, Judy, 
the number 1 grudge holder maybe on the internet if what others say is true. 
Since that seems to be what's needed to be Queen Bee, I'm happy to let you keep 
that job. As for Emily, why exclude Obbajee and Susan? Except that my exchanges 
with them disproves what Emily initially said about me.

 From the beginning I've acknowledged that I have flaws. But Judy, when you 
don't like someone, it's as if you put on black glasses and see the person only 
through them. Worse, you either don't see that you've got the glasses on, or 
you won't admit that you do.


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 Unlike you, Emily has integrity. So when you claimed that you liked Obbajeeba 
and Susan, she took you at your word and amended what she said about you to 
exclude them. And after she'd done that to accommodate your claim, you accused