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Several years ago we were introduced to the Tibetan practice of Kum Nye by
the lama Tarthang Tulku at his place in Sonoma, CA. It sounds like the Five
Rites are brief descriptions of hath yoga practices that involve breathing
and posture asanas and the chakras (spinning wheels). Hatha Yoga as you
probably already know is connected to the yogi Matsyendranth, an early
exponent of Kundalini Yoga. The Five Rites are all about placement and
positioning- according to Tarthang Tulku, it is a gesture of balance..

These Tibetan exercises are similar to the Yoga Asanas in the three levels
recommended by MMY: Yoga Asanas, Course 1-3. Kum Nye (pronounced Koom
Neeay) contains elements of yoga, meditation and massage and is rooted in
the Dzogchen tradition. I once attened a seminar by Reginald Ray at Naropa
University in Boulder where he explaining the Dzogchen practices. They are
similar to basic TM practice. According to Ray, in Tibetan Buddhism
Dzogchen is considered the highest and most definitive path to

However, it is doubtful if these exercises date back 2,500 years, since
Hatha Yoga wasn't even invented until the Gupta Age in India. Go figure. has been suggested that the Rites are more likely to have originated
from a system of Kum Nye which, like the Rites, date back 2,500 years.

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Reginald A. Ray, PhD

The Tantric Consort

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[image: Inline image 1]

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 Anyone lately practised 5 Tibetans?

[FairfieldLife] 5 Tibetans!

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Anyone lately practised 5 Tibetans?