[FairfieldLife] Star of David...

2014-02-03 Thread cardemaister
...encodes Hebrew alphabet! (Scroll all the way down!) http://hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/Introduction/Basic_Features/basic_features.html http://hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/Introduction/Basic_Features/basic_features.html

[FairfieldLife] ~[*Star of David Technique*]~Universally Applicable for SAN-YAMAh+

2009-08-27 Thread Robert
When with months, or years, or many years of experience,The adventures with 'Sanyama' become more of 'An impulse of Thought'...Or an 'Impulse of Feeling'...And allowing it, observing it, 'As it spontaneously dissolves into...Into the Transcendent... So, at this point of experience, it would be