[FairfieldLife] Star of David...

2014-02-03 Thread cardemaister
...encodes Hebrew alphabet! (Scroll all the way down!)


[FairfieldLife] ~[*Star of David Technique*]~Universally Applicable for SAN-YAMAh+

2009-08-27 Thread Robert
When with months, or years, or many years of experience,The adventures with 
'Sanyama' become more of 'An impulse of Thought'...Or an 'Impulse of 
Feeling'...And allowing it, observing it, 'As it spontaneously dissolves 
into...Into the Transcendent...
So, at this point of experience, it would be an advanced 
experienced...Described in the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'[circa 74 AD.]
Begin to imagine the impulse of thought, in Sanyama...To be 'Like a Point of 
Light'.. Just like a bright point of light, in the sky at night...Just like 
that.See it like a 'Bright Star in a Clear Night Sky...
This can also be used in any Prayer...for example...If you wish to send a 
prayer, to you Mother..You may think of her...At that subtlest level, and then 
bring in a high spiritual vibration, like Jesus,Maharishi, Guru Dev...whatever, 
flash of insight, you get, that has emotional/spiritual meaning to you..bring 
this into the process, which we know as 'Sanyama!'
'Jai Guru Devam'
 [Sri Devam Moksha Ananda So Hum]