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2003-09-07 Thread Skip Tavakkolian
Hi, As I mentioned in my original posting, I am not a PHP programmer; But, it seems that for keyboard input functions you WILL have to convert UTF-8 to HTML encoding if you want to use your function; for example by calling a function like htmlentities() or utf8_decode() before calling

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2003-09-05 Thread Skip Tavakkolian
The online document below has the information you need. The only thing that the code segment you sent seems to do is use the (int) cast to convert a string to an integer. It first tries to match the strings '#1776;' through '#1785;' against

Re: [farsiweb]unicode fields in database

2002-11-10 Thread Skip Tavakkolian
ON SAT NOVEMBER 9 2002 [EMAIL PROTECTED] WROTE: Still, I'm curious. How come everyone on this discussion board is using the Latin alphabet? :-) Well, most discussions here are also in English. Should everyone in Iran switch over to English? Going back to the original point, would you