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2003-09-07 Thread Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh
Hi dears. Mr.Tavakkolian was helping me until my function completed. This function converts utf8(digit) to integer. $farsi_table_linux=array(NONE, #1776;, #1777;, #1778;, #1779;, #1780;,

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2003-09-07 Thread Skip Tavakkolian
Hi, As I mentioned in my original posting, I am not a PHP programmer; But, it seems that for keyboard input functions you WILL have to convert UTF-8 to HTML encoding if you want to use your function; for example by calling a function like htmlentities() or utf8_decode() before calling

Help Me too

2003-08-14 Thread Mahmood Reza Delfieh
Hi Dear members. If u used PHPBB ,tell me how I can pass username and password of my site to session and cookie of PHPBB... and give me an example to make a session and cookie with php... Best regards Mahmood Reza Delfieh ___ FarsiWeb mailing list

[farsiweb]PLEASE HELP ME MR.roozbeh poornaderK IN KBDFA.DLL IN XP

2003-02-16 Thread mehdi rezaei
HELLO MR.roozbeh poornader CAN I USE KBDFA.DLL IN WINDOWS XP PLEASE ANSWER SOON THANK YOU VERY MUCH GOOD LUCK Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Shopping - Send Flowers for Valentine's Day

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2002-06-27 Thread Ali Sadeghi Ardestani
Hi, Pls help me convert Zarnegar files to MS WORD Document. Ali ___ FarsiWeb mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]