[farsiweb]How to write Farsi characters in a page?

2003-03-25 Thread M
Dear friends, Noroozetan mobarak. I would like to ask you for help . I have a website built in PHP and the language is English. Now I would like to add farsi text in the page. As I do not have any kind of software for this purpose and no knowledge about how to do it, I have used ASCII

[farsiweb]Using persian in the website

2003-03-25 Thread M
Dear Sina, Thanks for your reply. The problem is that I am a anti-microsoft prophet :-) Mostly use simple Editors like TextPad for making stuff work :-) I do have dreamweaver, does it work there in the same way? Take a look at the site please and send me your comments. Best regardsNo banners. No

[farsiweb]Using persian in a website

2003-03-25 Thread M
:-) I am temporary running it on XP Pro. and will move to LINUX platform soon :-) Don't ask my why cause it is a long story :-)Anyway, don't you have any advice on using ParsNegar? I have never used it before and dont know if it is possible? Any other softwares for Windows? Can I use dreamweaver?

Persian in Macromedia Fireworks

2003-09-28 Thread M
Hi all, Does anyone know how to use persian in Macromedia Fireworks? I use the font "Perisan web"-fonts but I can't find all of the letters in the alphabet on my keyboard. How do I find them? Is there any screen keyboard in Fireworks? I appreciate any help. Best RegardsAfshin

Re: Persian in Macromedia Fireworks

2003-09-29 Thread M
-0700Subject: Re: Persian in Macromedia FireworksI am also very interested in this. My Mac wonÂ’t allow my Farsi keyboard to function with it. I haven't tried my XP computer yet.On 9/28/03 9:48 AM, "M" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote: Hi all, Does anyone know how to use persian in Macromedia

Re: Proud To be An Iranian

2003-11-16 Thread M
Dear hammihan, Pretty strange cause I have been working to put such information on www.irani.nu A kind of "Iranians in The world" and I have most of the people in the site u posted even here. I have many succesful Iranians in Scandinavia as well. If u know people around your community please