[farsiweb]FarsiMozilla Announcement

2002-11-20 Thread Mohsen Sajjadi
Dear Reader You can find langpacks for Farsi Mozilla, currently at verion 0.52beta for Mozilla 1.1 and soon to release for mozilla 1.2b, at: http://persianmozilla.sourceforge.net/ or if u r in a hurry goto http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/persianmozilla/fa-IR1.1-0.52beta.xpi?download Could

[farsiweb]Fwd: FarsiMozilla 0.55 for Mozilla 1.2

2002-11-30 Thread Mohsen Sajjadi
Hi everyone At last Mozilla 1.2 is out. And I have released an updated Farsi/Persian Langpack. it can be d/l 'ed from the PersianMozilla homepage or directly from here. Thank you and looking forward to get feedback from you guys. Thnx again MohsenDo you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail Plus - Powerful.