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2012-12-11 Thread Kathryn Green
Are you kidding? I am thrilled to let her snub the expensive canned stuff
and stick with the dry. I am hoping she will convince some of the others
that is the smart way to go!

Chris wrote:

Couple of ideas--try Fancy Feast for Miss Kitty...  all of mine always go
crazy for it==sort of like a treat! LOL  And for Oz, if vet can't find anything
wrong w. his hips--maybe give him Cosequin==I sprinkle a tablet on my guys'
wet food every other day and it did make a difference..

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From: Kathryn Green
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An update for all:

Miss Kitty is fitting right in with the rest of the household, both canine
and feline. She is the one who the lady actually abandoned. She is young,
pure black Bombay kitty. Not a spec of @white anywhere. And she is a
purring machine. She does have a strange habit tho.she totally refuses
to eat any type of Cannes cat food. Scarfs down the dry, turn her nose up
at anything out of can.

Oz is the old battle scarred male that came along as part of the Miss Kitty
package although, technically he started it all! While both treated
negative for FeLV, he was positive for FIV. His sneezing, coughing,
wheezing and runny eyes are much better and he has gained a lot of weight.

I was concerned that his back end stayed scrawny - almost like a dog with
hip displaysia, And he gets very upset if you touch his hind quarters. I
have another vet visit scheduled for him to see if we can figure out what
that is all about. He also isn't much at socializing with ANY species and
spends the majority of his time in a little cat house in the master bath.

Will drop a quick note when Oz has seen the vet again.


catatonya wrote:

This happened to one of my cats. He ended up negative. I hope the same
happens for yours.

   *From:* Lorrie
*Sent:* Saturday, November 24, 2012 11:33 AM
*Subject:* Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in Ohio needs home

Sandy hit us hard!  We had 3 feet of heavy wet snow which pulled down trees
as well as electric and phone lines.  I had no idea we'd get hit so hard
this far inland, as we are in the eastern mountains of WV, but we had no
electricity for two weeks and we still don't have a phone or internet
service. We have to drive out to a place that has service.

Anyway, I was not able to check into the group all this time, and I was
very worried about that cat in Ohio who was abandoned.  Now I know both
cats are fine and have found a home.

THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for your kindness in taking these poor babies.
The woman who abandoned them should be ashamed of herself. I'd like to
see her chained to her front porch all winter with no food or shelter!

Lorrie and 24 rescued cats

On 10-31, Kathryn Green wrote:
 Thanks to all for kind words.  I am what I am - an animal lover.

 For those who care to know:

 I got both cats tho had to drive all the way to camp ground, (abt 6
 hrs round trip), as cats were uncooperative to the point of downright
 hostility when Marcia's brother, Craig, had them in cardboard
 carriers.  Cat scratch fever!  He ended up putting them/in folding dog
 crate til I got there.

 Appears the grey one (actually more of a brown/black/grey tabby), was
 NOT the one the woman had deserted.  The smaller black female was
 hers.  The grey is a battle scarred fully intact male who roamed the
 campground.  Craig had the honor of naming him - Ozzie it is.  Oz for
 short.  I am concerned about him as he is hoarse, has a funny nose,
 tearing eyes and sneezesupper resp issues at the very least I
 suspect.  As soon as I closed them in my master bathroom (quarantine),
 he spent over 1/2 hr scarfing down food and water.

 Smaller black cat appears to have absolutely NO white on her.  Not on
 chest, feet, tip of tail, nothing.  Never seen one pure black before.
 She is a lover/lap cat.  First thing out of carrier she made one round
 of bathroom and used the litter pan.  My kind of Kitty.

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Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in Ohio needs home

2012-12-11 Thread Kathryn Green
OK, it is official.  Oz has had multiple trauma (traumas?)

His hips, right leg and end of spine (tailbone?  Forgot to ask) ave
all received injury/damage, some multiple times.  Vet says still hard
to say his age with no teeth, but some of the scarring is thick and
probably been around a long time. Oz is a Sr citizen and has joint
problems. He will be on pain meds (as will the vet probably after this
last exam!)   And probably anti-inflammatory soon.

Because of the FIV he still has some eye seepage but cough and
sneezing are much less so he looks and acts a lot better tho still a

Miss Kitty snuck out once so far and was more than a bit miffed when I
caught her and brought her back in.  Has no sense of humor that Miss

The story continues

Kat wrote:

RE:  Oz and his rear end.  I had a stray that never wanted his rear
end touched.  He died from urinary tract obstruction.  The vet was
upset that he could not find anything to cause it so he did an
autopsy.  He found adhesions all over inside his body, the kind that
come from being kicked across a room, very hard.  He was a beautiful
champagne color Persian with the most loving personality.  Maybe Oz
has some adhesions ?
 Chris wrote:
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