Re: Ok, I give up.

2007-09-20 Thread Susan Dubose
Send to me please too! [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks! Susan J. DuBose ^..^ As Cleopatra lay in state, Faithful Bast at her side did wait,

Re: Transferring the Virus

2007-09-20 Thread Dawn Morrison
Tonya, My 4 year old was tested (-) and vaccinated when she was 6 months old. My 10 year old we inherited from family and as far as we can tell he had never been vaccinated. Immediately after we learned Bea was positive (2 weeks ago today) we took them both in and had them tested (-) and

need stuff

2007-09-20 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Well, Tigger is doing better. He is not vomitting anymore and he has been eating good... but all he wants to eat is fancy feast wet cat food medleys. I have been putting it on top of the dry innova cat food so that way he does eat some of the good food. Need ideas on good cat wet food for

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2007-09-20 Thread Marylyn
brewer's yeast works on dander for dogs but I would check with a vet. The oily coat + the dry skin worries me. If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of

RE: Transferring the Virus

2007-09-20 Thread catatonya
Agreed, but cats won't test positive due to the vaccination. tonya Rosenfeldt, Diane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: DIV { MARGIN: 0px }Dawn, I'm far from the big expert, but I think the chances are almost nonexistent that you're transferring anything by just walking from room to

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2007-09-20 Thread wendy
Hey Michael, Yahoo! used to have a photos section and I had some posted there, but they transferred all of theirs to Flickr now, so that's where mine are. It's free. If you end up using it, send us the link. :) Wendy Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can

Re: Ok, I give up.

2007-09-20 Thread OfALegend
As a matter of fact, its funny you should send that email. I JUST finished putting them all on Flickr: _[EMAIL PROTECTED]/_ ([EMAIL PROTECTED]/) I have many many more, actually, and I'll probably work on adding some of them