Re: Whitey's Update

2007-10-11 Thread laurieskatz
Sally, all I know is they thought Frankie's blindness might be from several rounds of 5 mg per day of Baytril. The vet said this was the low dose that has been recommended since cats were going blind on higher dosesthe vet we saw is an opthalmologist who did the research for Bayer. I am not

Day 3

2007-10-11 Thread ofalegend
Ok, guys, here's the update for the day. First of all, I am even more convinced now, and I stand by my decision to not contact his previous owners. I just can't imagine anything good coming out of it.? This boy is too special to have to go back to that mess, and I'm afraid if I did let him go

Re: Day 3

2007-10-11 Thread laurieskatz
Hi Michael, my sentiments exactly (re caring for animals). Take care and keep us posted on Mighty Whitey.or King Blanco! Laurie - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 2:18 PM Subject: Day 3 Ok,

Re: Day 3

2007-10-11 Thread Sally Davis
HI Michael Actually as I look at Junior's bottle of baytril and his his dose is the same. The tablets are 22.7 mg and he gets half. He has gotten diarrhea with Baytril, so I would keep an eye out for that. Sounds like Whitey has a good home with you. If your cat likes yogurt that will work to add

Jeremiah Please add to the CLS :(

2007-10-11 Thread Sherry DeHaan
This has been a bad 2 weeks,we have lost 4 Crash Cats and 2 Sids.Jeremiah passed yesterday from his felv.He was a very handsome and silly boy.Such a sad day. Sherry - Don't let your dream ride pass you by.Make it a reality with Yahoo! Autos.

Re: Brian Please add him to the CLS :(

2007-10-11 Thread catatonya
I'm sorry Sherry. tonya Sherry DeHaan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am sad to say that we lost sweet Brian today.His otitis caused severe neurological conditions.I just saw him last Thursday and he seemed to be doing so good.But he took a turn for the worse.I am so grateful that I got one