Re: [Felvtalk] Further update on Tofu :-)

2009-01-27 Thread Sharyl
Bless you for giving Tofu a loving home. Sharyl --- On Mon, 1/26/09, Emily Hunter wrote: From: Emily Hunter Subject: [Felvtalk] Further update on Tofu :-) To: Date: Monday, January 26, 2009, 9:08

Re: [Felvtalk] Further update on Tofu cont'd

2009-01-27 Thread Rosenfeldt, Diane
Emily, congrats to you and Tofu for having found each other, and to Kelley for babysitting until you did! Here's vibes that you have a long and happy life with each other. FIV is much less problematic than FeLV; often an FIV+ cat can live out its full lifespan asymptomatically, and since FIV is

Re: [Felvtalk] Further update on Tofu cont'd

2009-01-27 Thread Heather
This would be purely anecdoctal on one experience, but, we got a Mom (double+) and her 4 kittens in March/April of 2007...she has outlived all of her kittens, though she's also outlived other Leuk+ rescues we've gotten within that time. Other than the fact that kittens born with FELV generally

[Felvtalk] Fwd: FW: Warning from Police

2009-01-27 Thread dlgegg
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 15:10:26 -0800 (PST) From: ruth neal Subject: FW: Warning from Police To: Brenda Akers 'WARNING FROM POLICE THIS APPLIES TO BOTH WOMEN AND MEN BEWARE OF PAPER ON THE BACK WINDOW

[Felvtalk] locking your car safely

2009-01-27 Thread dlgegg
just got warning from friend. when locking your car at shopping centers, stores, etc, don't use your remote. thieves can pick up your code from transmitter to receiver and when you go into store, they open your car and steal it. instead, use the lock button on the door.