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2009-08-03 Thread Kelley Saveika
You are SO VERY welcome! I strongly urge you to read his book - if it is not available at your local library, you can get it at Amazon used very cheaply. * * *If he comes anywhere near you at all to speak - please do attend. It will change your life. And have your

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2009-08-03 Thread Sharyl
Iva, you have already received some great advise. All any of us can do is relate our experiences. I've had 6 indoor positive kitties mixed with my negatives who had their FeLV vaccine and booster. My negatives get an annual FeLV vaccine. My positives are rescues born with FeLV. I've lost

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2009-08-03 Thread Diane Rosenfeldt
Hi, Iva -- I'm so sorry you lost little Kiera. But that sounds like the right decision to make for her. But for Becca -- you are absolutely right not to kill a healthy cat. You've taken the proper precautions with the other kitties. Others on this list have discovered too late that one of

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2009-08-03 Thread MaryChristine
regardless of how becca became infected, everyone in the house has already been exposed to her by now, and euthanizing her is like the proverbial shutting the barn door. as others have said, adults cats have a very high level of immunity to the virus--suggest that your vet read

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2009-08-03 Thread Sander, Sue
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[Felvtalk] How to long to separate negative/positive kitties?

2009-08-03 Thread Iva Lark Emily Seaberg
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! It was very reassuring to read all of your posts, especially those with multi-cat mixed households. I spoke to the vet this morning and she was actually ok with my decision, but she wants me to keep my positive kitty isolated for now. She didn't say how

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2009-08-03 Thread Belinda Sauro
Almost all of the info you are going to find online is outdated. My vet told me the vaccination is 85 to 90% effective and that an adult cat has little chance of getting infected, even if not vaccinated. All I can say is Bailey lived with as many as 8 house mates and not one of them ever