[Felvtalk] Just got FIV+ diagnosis

2009-12-02 Thread Natasha Hinsbeeck
Hi there!   I've just subscribed to Felvtalk, and I'm not at all sure how this system works, so please forgive me if I mess it up. I've been through a rough time with my kitty lately. His name is Ben, and he's about 5 months old. He developed toxoplasmosis on Saturday (28/11/09), and initially

Re: [Felvtalk] Just got FIV+ diagnosis

2009-12-02 Thread Diane Rosenfeldt
Hi, Natasha -- The great news is that once your kitty recovers from the toxo, the FIV diagnosis is NOT as dire as it sounds. Firstly, a cat can live a long happy life with FIV, and not exhibit a single symptom. The FeLV, if Ben does have it, is likely to be the bigger problem. They are both

Re: [Felvtalk] Just got FIV+ diagnosis

2009-12-02 Thread Hotmail Junk
Has he had a CBC? He may need a transfusion if his hematocrit is too low. Using Prednisolone may help boost that as well. Talk to your Vet. My vet has gained experience with our cat I can supply his name number via email. Your Vet is welcome to comsult with him. Sent from my iPhone On

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2009-12-02 Thread dlgegg
Will keep you and Kong in my prayers, for you to get a job and Kong to get better. Keep us posted on both fronts. Ashley Vanover ashley.vano...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, everyone, I have been actively reading this list for a month or so now, so I figured it was time I join. My cat, Kong,