Re: [Felvtalk] seeking home for adult feluk positive

2008-10-23 Thread doggonefit
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Thank you
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From: Laurieskatz [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 17:40:54 
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] seeking home for adult feluk positive

I am trying to introduce Tessa, a rescue kitty, to my five. Since I plugged
in the Feliway there is less hissing. Another thing I am going to try is
rubbing Bach's Rescue Remedy inside the ears of my 3 upset cats and Tess
(not into the ear canal but in the upper hairless area). Things are
improving. She is still behind a dog gate but has about 1/3 of the house
now...gradualthey have all seen her and she them. Frankie is blind so I
am not sure how aware he is of her presence.

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Re: [Felvtalk] supplies is Mass

2009-05-01 Thread doggonefit
We just lost our last two felv+ babies and we would like to donate our supplies 
to someone in need. We have litter boxes, beds, bowls, toys, scratching posts, 
meds (chemo, pred., bladder meds, etc. etc.) food, tons of very nice items we 
would love another felv+ to enjoy. Please contact me directly if interested 
508-529-1164 I am in Milford, mass.
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From: Diane Rosenfeldt

Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 08:46:47 
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] UPDATE: Tampa FL: Double suicide leaves 3 FELV+ cats,
high kill facility

Heather, of course you should share your losses with us.  It's sad, but I
think it's really important to acknowledge these little souls.

As for the couple who committed suicide, I can't imagine the kind of pain
that led them to do this.  Times are so very hard right now, and while I
feel a lot of hope for the future, the present is what we're living in now
and it's pretty sucky.  But if you *are* feeling anger toward them, I think
that's okay.  They had stuff going on, obviously, but they also had three
little lives depending on them and they should have made some provision for
them, either given them away or even taken them in themselves for a kind
death, although of course this is the last resort.  Perhaps they thought,
like so many apparently do, that the cats would be all right on their own.
I can't be angry at these people, but I do resent the way they treated their

Sorry you had to do this.  You did what you could, which is way more than a
lot of folks would.  Hugs.

Diane R.

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[] On Behalf Of Heather
Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] UPDATE: Tampa FL: Double suicide leaves 3 FELV+
cats,high kill facility

Mary Christine thank you so much for posting this, I neglected to do so
before people showed up to work on my pc and didn't have access again till
this morning.

With all of my rescue work, I have heard stories like this before...but it
is the first time it happened to me directly that I
was trying to save some only to find it was too late.   I can only
hope it somehow means they perhaps would have had a difficult road ahead and
needed to be with their family, but of course that's little consolation and
it feels like these people just left them to meet the same fate.

Last fall a young friend of my bf's passed away, he was only 37 and left
behind 2 sr. cats who were, as with these 3, in the house a while after the
death and it was quite a battle getting them healthy again.
They were not felv+ cats and these 3 had been in the house with no
food or water for 11 days.   I am presenting rationalizations but of
course my heart doesn't really believe them and wanted them to have a

I thank you all for your concern...the rescue work is full of heartbreak,
sadly there have been many losses I haven't posted here
but should have so they could be added to the bridge list.   If it's
ok for me to send a list I will do so soon.

Thank you all for caring for FELV kitties, as we all know, they are given
very limited chances in this world, due to no fault of their own.  Every cat
deserves love  good care for whatever time they have.


On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:48 PM, Gloria B. Lane
 Thanks MC - sorry to hear this, thanks for working to help them -


 On Apr 30, 2009, at 4:04 PM, MaryChristine wrote:

 special thanks to everyone who has been working on this one all day; 
 we've learned that all three of the kitties were euthanized earlier 
 this afternoon, upon the advice of the shelter veterinarian, who is 
 very well respected in the area; the shelter itself has an excellent 
 reputation as rescue-friendly, the cats were placed on a long-time 
 hold yesterday, and rescuers were contacted this morning. this one 
 does NOT seem to be one of those, oh, no, kill them just because 
 they're FeLV! but terribly sad nevertheless.

 heather, thank you especially, for trying to do the impossible, and 
 managing to locate others who are as delusional as you!


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[Felvtalk] Introducing healthy cats into former FELV+ cat household

2009-06-13 Thread doggonefit
Hello everyone,
After many years of rescuing positives, we have been a catless home for a few 
months and have made a difficult decision to adopt a healthy cat. Can anyone 
help with decisions on what should stay and what shouldn't? For example, 
scratching posts, cat carriers. I know there are many different opinions on how 
long the virus lasts, how well disinfectant  work, etc. I would greatly 
appreciate any help!
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Subject: [Felvtalk] spaying and neutering
Sent: Jun 12, 2009 9:18 PM

was just on one of my bead websites and someone had asked what colors of 
Swarovski crystals to use to represent the different cancers (awareness 
ribbons).  i checked it out from curosity and found that the orange ribbon 2 or 
3 cancers plus CAT SPAYING AND NEUTERING.  we have a ribbon to put on our cars 
for our furbabies.  dorlis

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