Re: [Felvtalk] Husband has passed away..... :( terrie

2011-04-02 Thread Alice Flowers
Terrie-My sincerest condolences on your husband's passing. 64 is way too young. You are lucky to have had a soul mate to share in the rescue and caring of so many sweet fur babies. He was lucky to have you and he is with the kiddos at the bridge-sharing head bonks and purrs. God Bless Alice

[Felvtalk] Please add Rosie to CLS

2011-03-29 Thread Alice Flowers
Rosie passed last night, I could not bear to watch her wasting away. The Lymphoma had beat her. We had her on Pred and Leukeran-which shrank the mass near her throat the first week, then it came back with a vengeance the next week. We increased it to every other day on the Leukeran to no

[Felvtalk] Rosie's mass has returned

2011-03-22 Thread Alice Flowers
Rosie had such a great check up with the mass almost gone-now she is sleeping most of the time and I have been feeling the mass grow large again. She is on Leukeran every 3 days and pred daily with interferon 2x a day. I am calling the Dr tomorrow to see what we should do. I am beat down by this

[Felvtalk] Rosie's Check Up Today-Pretty Good!

2011-03-16 Thread Alice Flowers
WooHoo!! Rosie had a great check up today!! The mass in her throat / neck was so much smaller in just 3 weeks on the Pred / Leukeran regime. We are going to decrease the Prednisolone and keep up the Leukeran. Ultrasound showed no Lymphoma in her abdomen (so far)Her hot, red ears may get

Re: [Felvtalk] Wyatt and Booker T. Please add to the CLS :( :(

2011-03-16 Thread Alice Flowers
Sherry-My heart goes out to you-Bless you for giving these precious babies all the love that you do. I don't know how you and the others do it-over and over. My heart has been shattered by losing Rosie's 4 brothers and Murphy, who was tossed into the feral colony that we rescued Rosie and the

[Felvtalk] Rosie's Lymphoma-Still Hanging In There!!

2011-03-14 Thread Alice Flowers
Going on 3 weeks since her labs and diagnosis Feb 24. She's been on 5 mg prednisolone 2x a day along with 1cc of Interferon squirted in her mouth. She also gets a shot of PennG every 5 days and one Leukeran pill every 3 days. She's had 5 Leukeran pills so far. Last week she began sneezing

[Felvtalk] Thank Goodness For This Group!

2011-02-27 Thread Alice Flowers
I was thinking this morning about this group-All of us trying to save or prolong our kitty's lives, or to keep them comfortable for as long as possible. Trying different treatments or none-we are all the same. Getting comfort or's a hard journey. I can say that I have

[Felvtalk] Rosie's biopsy results-BAD

2011-02-25 Thread Alice Flowers
She has a very aggressive lymphoma. This was the biopsy on her lump in the throat / neck area. Started on Pred and ordering Leukeran. Staying on Interferon and may give LTCI. ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Waiting for Rosie's biopsy now.

2011-02-24 Thread Alice Flowers
What I had prayed for was an abscess-the vets don't think I am going to be that lucky. They did a couple of needle aspirations and we will wait for the results. They want me to begin pred and pennG right away while we wait. Keep her on the Interferon to help her immune system because the pred

[Felvtalk] Purrayers for our Rosie

2011-02-20 Thread Alice Flowers
We thought she was the survivor-She is the last of the litter of 5 kittens we caught in Oct 2008. Her 4 brothers passed in 2009, a month apart. She made it to 2 years, now 2 1/2tonight I felt a lump on the left side of her neck. I am hoping our vet is open tomorrow. She is not

Re: [Felvtalk] Interferon - darn Andy!!

2010-12-16 Thread Alice Flowers
won out-my 1/2 Asian heritage and his miso coloring. Anyway-SacTown boy is a good-un and I'll vouch for him. Alice Flowers-Clark ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] how to know if your only needs a friend?

2010-12-16 Thread Alice Flowers
. Ahh-here comes Rosie now with a toy mouse in her mouth that she just stole from Miso!! Life is good again. Alice Flowers-Clark ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Question About Inegrating Positive and Negative Cats

2010-12-14 Thread Alice Flowers
Well, here we go into the fray!! After losing 5 FeLV+ boys in the past 1 1/2 years and suffering the worst heartache and financial strain-we were down to just Rosie-littermate to 4 of the boys who passed first, a month apart, all by the time they were a year old. We just lost Murphy the end of

[Felvtalk] Stacy and Sweet Spanky: Spanky's chest cavity fluid - rutin?

2010-11-23 Thread Alice Flowers
Hi Stacy-I was thinking of you and Spanky today while I was at work-staring at Murphy's photo on my wall. Yes-we did use the Rutin, thanks to Dawn's tip and our vet was pleased with how it helped to clear his fluid out-he was on Lasix initially and I think we lowered the dose after about a week

[Felvtalk] Stacy and Spanky

2010-11-13 Thread Alice Flowers
Stacy-I have you and Spanky in my purrayers! I know how difficult things are right now. It seems you are on the right track, trying to find a non-invasive way to shrink those darn granulomas. You know, it's only been almost 3 weeks since Murphy passed-it seems like an eternity. Our vet clinic

Re: [Felvtalk] Murphy is gone.

2010-10-27 Thread Alice Flowers
You asked if he passed at home. No, I got home from work and checked on him, he was laying stretched out on the bedroom floor. Glenn had syringe fed and watered him through the day. He was breathing harder than normal, he had been breathing fast, trying to get oxygen. I kept thinking any day

[Felvtalk] Murphy is gone.

2010-10-26 Thread Alice Flowers
Murphy has passed to the bridge tonight to join Buster, Oni, Jack and Schatzi-Rosie's 4 brothers that passed last year. He was 2 1/2. Glenn and I saw in his eyes tonight that he was tired. He gave it all he had but in the end FeLV took him too.We will miss him so much-he filled the house with

[Felvtalk] Thank you for sharing Murphy's journey-we learned so much from all of you here!

2010-10-26 Thread Alice Flowers
This has been a long journey and we have so much to thank all of you for. First of all, most of the people in our day to day lives haven't got a clue what we are going through. We had Rosie to the vet today for her check up-she's been sneezing a bit the last few days. She got her CBC drawn

[Felvtalk] Murphy's not bouncing back yet

2010-10-23 Thread Alice Flowers
He is still super lethargic and I am back to syringe feeding him. His gums are still really pale-I am just praying that he can recover from this last challenge. For a day he was acting like he was making a quick recovery, but has backslid-his eyes are bright and he finally left the bedroom and

Re: [Felvtalk] Murphy's vet visits

2010-10-23 Thread Alice Flowers
He is at the vet's quite a bit: 7/23 first anemia crash, pcv 18.5 tp 4.2 cbc also done hct 22.3 hgb 5.1 7/29 pcv 23 tp 5.0 8/06 pcv 27 tp-forgot to get it cbc hct 22.5 hgb 6.9 8/13 pcv 19 tp 19 8/28 cbc hct 33.9 hgb 12.5 9/17 cbchct 38.7 hgb 11.6 breathing fast-diagnosed with

Re: [Felvtalk] Murphy's vet visits / what he looks like

2010-10-23 Thread Alice Flowers
began with. Alice Flowers-Clark ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Murphy is improving!! Beginning to eat on his own!!!

2010-10-21 Thread Alice Flowers
Wooo Hooo!! Before I left for work this morning, I gave him his meds (Interferon 1cc into the mouth, and the capsules-one with doxy and cypro, one with lasix and 1/2 pred, I fill the extra space in those capsules with powdered Lysine, and one cap with Rutin, so his am is 3 capsules and in

[Felvtalk] Murphy-still not eating or drinking

2010-10-20 Thread Alice Flowers
He is still refusing to eat or drink on his own. I am using a little syringe to give him water and plain Pedialyte and also some watered down AD food from the vet. While I was at work today, Glenn was able to carry him to the litter box and he did pee in it (Murphy-LOL), so the plumbing is

[Felvtalk] Aww Geez-Murphy's starting to crash-vet visit today

2010-10-19 Thread Alice Flowers
This is the craziest roller coaster!!! Geez-Sunday Murphy was a busy bee, all happy and jabbering up a storm. He was finally feeling better with a week of Lysine under his belt and the sneezing and sniffles were subsiding. Yesterday he was fairly quiet but I thought he may have done too much

[Felvtalk] Murphy-One week on the Lysine and much improved!! (after 2 weeks of dripping and sneezing)

2010-10-17 Thread Alice Flowers
It's been a rough two weeks with poor Murphy and his drippy and sneezy nose. He got so lethargic and became congested in the nose that by mid-week he wasn't eating much. I started him last Sunday on the Lysine. He will not eat anything with Lysine added, nor will he go near those expensive

[Felvtalk] Another Murphy relapse-now URI

2010-10-10 Thread Alice Flowers
Another Murphy relapse...poor boy is all congested and sneezy with a URI, he began with light sneezing earlier this week, I gave him a PennG shot Friday night because he had sneezed so much that he was getting bloody droplets. Now he's really getting plugged up. I called the vet to see about

Re: [Felvtalk] Another Murphy relapse-now URI / Sharyl

2010-10-10 Thread Alice Flowers
Hi Sharyl-I was thinking about the once a day being alot at once anyway-so I now I have fixed up his weekly pill box (am-pm LOL) and split the pred caplet into 2 and will give one morning and night. Thanks so much for the suggestion!! He is a bit brighter tonight and talking a bit! Thanks

Re: [Felvtalk] Another Murphy relapse-now URI / trmckelvey

2010-10-10 Thread Alice Flowers
Terry-I will ask about the azithromycin , we used it alot the first year for all the URIs. Strawberry flavor from the Walmart pharmacy-it was the children's version. He has had regular CBCs all along and also checked for Hemobartonella and always negative for any mycoplasmas. Since beginning

[Felvtalk] Kris-Avis n Murphy and some random thoughts

2010-10-03 Thread Alice Flowers
Kris-just looking back over the past 2 years with the 6 kitties, as a total amateur on FeLV, here are some of my random thoughts. Interferon-Good-I am glad to be giving it-not a cure, but it may keep the virus somewhat at bay. LTCI-it gave me alot of hope, and still does-but for cats like

[Felvtalk] Interesting article on FeLV

2010-10-03 Thread Alice Flowers
I just found this on the internet: ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Murphy's little comeback-he definitely has 9 lives!!

2010-10-01 Thread Alice Flowers
We just got back from Murphy's vet check. The end of July, he was crashing with anemia-(in office PCV 18) HCT 22.3 RBC 3.5 HGB 5.1 even his Absolute Reticulocyte count was 35200 and the lab notation said a count of over 5 was evidence of regenerative anemia-which he was below

Re: [Felvtalk] Murphy's little comeback-he definitely has 9 lives!! jbero (Jenny)

2010-10-01 Thread Alice Flowers
Hi Jenny! OK-we live at the vet-LOL With FeLV, the sooner you can nip anything in the bud, the better. Murphy was put on Cyproheptadine in April for sneezing-we thought allergies because he liked to hang out at the screen door to watch the birds. I had been giving fewer LTCI shots-went to 8

[Felvtalk] Kris re: Murphy and Rosie's meds so far

2010-10-01 Thread Alice Flowers
Aww Kris-I am so sorry you are going through this and we all have to meet here-Avis' numbers are so similar to Murphy's in July. I am so glad your little terrier has found his soulmate-LOL I'll try and remember the questions I tend to wander: Interferon-we had caught a litter of 5 wild little

Re: [Felvtalk] Murphy's check up and the week after / Dawn-I got the Rutin

2010-09-23 Thread Alice Flowers
Dawn-I went to the health food store right away and got the Rutin-pulverized the tablets and put it in gel caps. I am giving it 2x a day with his other meds. His breathing is easier-5 days now on the Lasix and pred along with the cypro and doxy and iron. We are cutting the Procrit shots down

[Felvtalk] Murphy's check up

2010-09-17 Thread Alice Flowers
We seemed to have the anemia under control with the Procrit (epogen) and iron, doxy and cypro, but we got hit hard today. I told our vet that although he seems good with color in his mucous membranes, he looks to me to be breathing too fast. She checked and his lungs sounded raspy-the

Re: [Felvtalk] Murphy's check up-Dawn / Procrit

2010-09-17 Thread Alice Flowers
I will go to the health food store tomorrow to see if I can find the Rutin! When we began with Murphy's anemia crash on 7/24 his RBC was 3.5, HGB 5.1, HCT 22 On 8/28 his RBC was 4.8, HGB 12.5, HCT was 33.9 I really think the combo of doxycycline (in case there was any parasites or other

[Felvtalk] Please add grey and white kitten to the CLS list

2010-08-16 Thread Alice Flowers
Karen-how lucky she was to have a kind touch and care in her final moments-no little one should have endured whatever torture she received. It breaks my heart-this goes on every day. People should have to pay for doing this to God's creatures-but they get away with it over and over. Thank you

[Felvtalk] Murphy is improving!!

2010-08-15 Thread Alice Flowers
It is one day at a time-the roller coaster is going up this week. Last Sunday evening I thought he would not make it through the night. I had spent the weekend hand feeding and watering him with a syringe-he spent most of the time stretched out on the bed. We went ahead and gave him the Procrit

[Felvtalk] Murphy is tired

2010-08-08 Thread Alice Flowers
My little man is sleeping alot. The weirdest thing is that he has been sleeping with us the last few nights and is spending days on the bed-he never does this. He is the one perched on the cat tree, on a bookcase or in his favorite cardboard boxes near the computers. I have been giving him

[Felvtalk] LTCI Rumor

2010-08-07 Thread Alice Flowers
I am hearing that after Sept or so, the new distributors of the LTCI will only sell 10 packs-this is going to make it very difficult for most of us to afford-plus the price went up. I think they are wanting the veterinarians to carry the product in stock-but I am thinking most won't - Like my

Re: [Felvtalk] LTCI Rumor (for Heidi)

2010-08-07 Thread Alice Flowers
Heidi-here is a good link that describes the product: It is from the Imulan Company and it's called LTCI. There has been increased interest in the product for FeLV and FIV cats. I have had 2 cats on it for

Re: [Felvtalk] LTCI etc..Interferon Heidi

2010-08-07 Thread Alice Flowers
We were giving all 6 kittens Interferon once a day 1cc orally. After the 4 brothers passed, we went to 2x a day after reading that it doesn't keep the virus from multiplying the full 24 hours. Plus, our cats have never had a reaction to taking it once a day, they even come in the kitchen and

[Felvtalk] Fingers Crossed-Murphy gets a check up this morning

2010-08-06 Thread Alice Flowers
Well, in the last 2 weeks, Murphy has gone from crashed and not moving with white gums and little appetite to slowly improved and now pretty normal acting. He does sleep a bit more and doesn't race around the house with Rosie (hallway racing), but does fly up the cat tree to the ceiling once or

[Felvtalk] Murphy-PCV is up to 27-28 but has a fever

2010-08-06 Thread Alice Flowers
What the heck-we can't get well!!! His gums are looking nice and pink-his PCV in the office is up to 27-28 from 2 weeks ago. His temp was 104.7 today when it had been 101.6 the last 2 visits-7/23 and 7/29. That explains his dry, warm nose. They gave him a shot of PennG and I will repeat in 5

[Felvtalk] Murphy has improved! Keep Purraying!!

2010-07-26 Thread Alice Flowers
I am cautiously optimistic. After a bad Friday and Saturday when he slept and I cried, I woke up Sunday (yesterday) and he raced me down the hall and he was talking again-he ate a little here and a little there. He napped off and on, but not all day like on Saturday. My parents came over and

[Felvtalk] Now it's Murphy-I can't take much more

2010-07-24 Thread Alice Flowers
Murphy has been sneezing-We took Murphy and Rosie in yesterday for check ups and blood work. They did an in house PCV on him because his gums were pale. He is anemic at 18.5%. This is the beginning of the end. I had hoped that after losing Rosie's 4 brothers last year that we would get a

Re: [Felvtalk] Now it's Murphy-I can't take much more

2010-07-24 Thread Alice Flowers
Terry-thank you for keeping Murphy in your thoughts. He has consistently tested negative for Hemotropic Mycoplasmas. His Absolute Reticulocyte count is now 35200. Both Murphy and Rosie have been on LTCI injections since last September. We began treatment before any symptoms appeared and their

[Felvtalk] Murphy's tests came out gibberish

2010-05-08 Thread Alice Flowers
Sorry to look and see all the careful typing came out all run together. I will see if I can put dashes between the numbers.??? ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] trying again to post Murphy's results

2010-05-08 Thread Alice Flowers
I am going to put asterisks between them- 04/25**01/08**11/21/09**REFERENCE WBC****4.2-15.6 RBC*4.85***10.95**10.22*6.0-10.0 HGB*11.1***14.4***12.8**9.5-15

[Felvtalk] Just checking in...Murphy and Rosie

2010-04-24 Thread Alice Flowers
I've been off boards for a bit-This whole FeLV thing is so sad-reading all the new people's posts desperately seeking information and hope (like me a year and a half ago). Then reading as our sweet little babies lose their battle with this dreaded disease-Like the 4 sibling brothers I had. We

Re: [Felvtalk] MeMe-Jane I am sorry

2010-03-05 Thread Alice Flowers
She is a beauty, I am so sorry for your loss-just reading about her brings back tears and memories of our boys also-This disease is so unpredictable and horrible. She had so much love in your home and her life was cherished. I am truly sorry. Alice Flowers-Clark

[Felvtalk] Stryker Please add to the CLS :(

2010-02-14 Thread Alice Flowers
Sherry-Isn't it amazing how these kitties know just how to make you love them? Stryker was so lucky to have you as his mom-it's not the length of time but the quality-you gave him his dignity and the very best of times! Alice ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] Lyttle Guy passed away

2010-02-06 Thread Alice Flowers
James, my deepest sympathies-nothing prepares us for this sadness. You were a great dad and LG will always be with you in your heart-remember the great days, not the last days. Alice ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] Bitzer Please add to the CLS :(

2010-01-21 Thread Alice Flowers
Sherry-bless you for giving him a chance-my boys will be waiting at the bridge to greet him. He will have so much fun with all of our kitties who are now healthy in the rainbow's light. I'll never understand this disease.   Alice with Rosie and Murphy

Re: [Felvtalk] Mozart Update

2010-01-16 Thread Alice Flowers
Jason, my heart is so heavy reading about Mozart. We have suffered the sadness that you and your wife are going through with your baby. I am praying for a miracle for Mozart. We are doing well with the Imulan, but our 2 remaining cats weren't having anemia problems when we began, they were just

Re: [Felvtalk] question

2010-01-14 Thread Alice Flowers
Aww Jane-I hope MeMe gets better quickly. I have both of mine on LTCI and they are both doing great with it. We began Rosie and Murphy the first of Sept with weekly injections and are now on 6 weeks between the injections. We just got their CBCs done last week and they both have HCTs at 39.5.

Re: [Felvtalk] More about Ben's Zapper treatments

2009-12-21 Thread Alice Flowers
Natasha-Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us desperate parents! Does the cat need restraint by you, or is he sedated during the treatments? The word Zapper brings shocking to mind, but I'm sure it's more like the treatments at the chiropractor. How does he act during the

[Felvtalk] gassy cat

2009-12-13 Thread Alice Flowers
Hmmm-maybe you're hugging him too tight!! LOL! But seriously, after having the 6 positives, I began researching the food. So many popular brands, Hills included, contain carcinogens. The big baddie is Ethoxyquin-with Lymphoma a common disease of FeLV kitties, I tried to eliminate that from

Re: [Felvtalk] gassy cat

2009-12-13 Thread Alice Flowers
Ahh-the true test of a mother's love! Root a toot! Just do a search on-line. Type in Evo Cat Food and it will bring up their website to click on. They all have store locators-just usually put in your zip code. I can get the Blue Buffalo brand at Petsmart or Petco along with my local feed

Re: [Felvtalk] Help - I can't get LTCI in Georgia!

2009-12-11 Thread Alice Flowers
I am shocked that your vet cannot order it. It's not even a drug per se. Perhaps your vet can contact another vet that can order it? My vet is the Sacramento Cat Hospital and if you google it, they have a website with all their contact info. As I type this, Rosie has Murphy in a headlock and is

Re: [Felvtalk] Help - I can't get LTCI in Georgia! to Hotmail Junk!!!

2009-12-11 Thread Alice Flowers
OK-I didn't realize that we are in the same area!! How crazy is that? I live in Rio Linda (Sacramento County) with my kitties, horses and antique Aussies (all over 10 yrs old). Citrus Heights is within 15-20 minutes away. Small World! ___ Felvtalk

Re: [Felvtalk] Bridget will be started on LTCI Gloria B. Lane

2009-12-05 Thread Alice Flowers
I am so excited for you! Let us know how she does. I will be giving Rosie and Murphy their 7th injection tomorrow-we are at the 6 week interval (this is the first time we have gone 6 weeks) now. I still give them the interferon. We have switched to a combination of Felidae and Blue Buffalo dry 

[Felvtalk] Rosie and Murphy Update-LTCI

2009-11-22 Thread Alice Flowers
We just got the results back from the lastest blood tests-They are still doing great on the Imulan LTCI. We began them in Sept after losing 4 kitties in 5 months (Rosie's brothers). Only one made it to a year old. They developed the anemia so quickly and died within a week of showing

[Felvtalk] Jenny-I am so sorry about Autumn

2009-11-02 Thread Alice Flowers
I don't know why, but I've been thinking about her and had been wondering how things have been going. I think it's the leaves changing-I look out my window to see what the old nags are doing out in their little field and see the mulberry trees turning colors and dropping leaves in the wind-I

[Felvtalk] Jenny-How is Autumn??

2009-10-31 Thread Alice Flowers
Just wondering how she's doing-We are into our 2nd month with the treatments and all is great with our 2. Alice ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] Interferon Thoughts??

2009-10-09 Thread Alice Flowers
Hooray for you and your vet! I think it's a good idea. We began losing our kittens at around 7 1/2 months old. We lost 4 littermates before they hit a year old-well, the last was exactly a year old. They were a feral litter and must have been born with the virus. We began Interferon when they

[Felvtalk] Check up and 2nd CBC since beginning Imulan treatment

2009-10-02 Thread Alice Flowers
We have our 2nd check up and blood draw to see how they are doing on the Imulan. Rosie had a low platelet count 2 weeks ago-her baseline CBC right before she got her first shot. We'll have to find out what it means. I still have them on the Interferon twice a day. They have much more energy

Re: [Felvtalk] Amanda and Tora's passing

2009-10-02 Thread Alice Flowers
I am so sorry for your loss-Tora knew he was loved so very much. Lymphoma is one of my biggest fears. Tora was so young-I am glad he has his father to go with him over the bridge. This is the worst disease-stealing our young furbabies from us. Hugs  Alice - Murphy and Rosie

[Felvtalk] Just wondering-Isn't the purpose of this site for progressive treatment?

2009-10-02 Thread Alice Flowers
I was directed to this site because of the Mission Statement being one of progressive treatments. I don't understand the negativity towards people who opt to treat their cats with newer treatments. If you don't want to treat, that's fine-it's just really mean to knock the people who are

Re: [Felvtalk] Just wondering-thank you Sharyl

2009-10-02 Thread Alice Flowers
Finally a voice of reason and kindness...Can I afford to treat this way? No-I could have paid my 5 yr old car off in the last year's vet bills and I wouldn't be behind in my mortgage. Maybe it's menopause or empty nest syndrome...But I had a few yard sales, bought enough hay for my old horses

[Felvtalk] Whoo Hooo!! CBCs are in-Rosie and Murphy

2009-10-02 Thread Alice Flowers
Our vet just called-the blood tests results from this morning are back and they are both improving! Rosie's platelets are in the normal range too! She said there is a buzz in the office and they have been telling their other patients about this product and how it appears promising. We will

[Felvtalk] Interferon-Article that explains why I now give it 2x daily

2009-09-30 Thread Alice Flowers
Here are some excerpts from some research on Interferon-I have been giving it 2x a day-orally 1 cc to Rosie and Murphy. I had been giving it onece a day to the other 4 that passed away. I always give it right before the canned food-they both come into the kitchen and pester me, Murphy bangs the

[Felvtalk] Fw: Big Prayers for Lukey and Sally

2009-09-28 Thread Alice Flowers
I am saying multiple, multiple prayers for you both!! How many injections has he had so far? We just gave the 2nd one Friday night to Rosie and Murphy. We had lost Rosie's 4 brothers within a 5 month period and they were so young, 6 1/2 months to just turned a year old. We had tried a

[Felvtalk] First Doses of Imulan For Murphy Rosie

2009-09-19 Thread Alice Flowers
We have our fingers crossed!! We arrived at our vet's office right after the shipment arrived. Rosie and Murphy had their exams and blood drawn for baselines-CBCs and their 3rd FeLV tests. We have previous tests from June 3rd this year also. Those tests showed that Murphy's levels were changing

Re: [Felvtalk] Autumn Update

2009-09-07 Thread Alice Flowers
I am so glad to hear that she is holding her own! I have asked my vet if she would consider trying the Imulan and she agreed. She has set up her account with them last week and hopefully will be able to place an order in the next week. Since rescuing 5 feral kittens last year (Oct 08) plus a

[Felvtalk] IMULAN

2009-08-30 Thread Alice Flowers
After hearing about this product-I called our vet here in Sacramento and she agreed to order it for us. I want to try it because we lost the 4th kitty this morning-my son drove him to UC Davis emergency early this morning because he was struggling to breath and crying out. Out of the 5 kittens

[Felvtalk] Sherry Mo

2009-08-16 Thread Alice Flowers
My deepest condolences.we all share your loss of a lovely boy. He is surely making friends with 3 of my boys, littermates that passed in the last 3 1/2 months. All of our babies are playing in the garden by the bridge, no bug is safe!  hugs  Alice