[Felvtalk] Our Lydia

2010-10-07 Thread Anndrea DeLozier
Well Lydia got to where she couldn't even swallow and had lost so much
muscle weight. We decided to take her in today to be PTS. It seemed
very peaceful and I have my doubts she would have made it another day
at home anyway. I stayed with her until her very last moment and then
took her to a wonderful (and affordable) pet cremation place. I'm very
sad to lose her. She was truly one of a kind. But it was her time and
I hope I will see her in my next lifetime. Thank you to those who have
helped so graciously with info and also to whoever runs this site. It
has been an amazing place to come across and just when I needed it
most. We believe our Lydia was born with FeLV since she has been
fairly skinny her whole life (but not emaciated until recently). She
has a sister (my Dewey...named her after my most favorite liquid in
the universe - Mountain Dew) and we will be getting her and our other
cat tested within the next week. Thanks again and I'll let y'all know
the test results.

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Re: [Felvtalk] Update on our Lydia

2010-10-02 Thread Anndrea DeLozier
Oh, I guess I hadn't put her name in the first message, so I can see why
people don't know what I'm talking about :)


The heading was:

[Felvtalk] Questions about FeLV


My name came up as:



And it was posted:
Tue, 28 Sep 2010 00:26:52 -0700


Anyway, any idea how much Pet Tinic I should give her?


Any thoughts on an iron supplement? Liquid seems to be the way to go :)


Also, and I hope I don't sound too dumb.but can kitty have human blood in a


And/Or, can her sister (if she's FeLV negative) donate blood to her?
Biological sister, not adopted sister :)


Would a vet do a transfusion from one cat to another? Any idea if it would
be extremely expensive?


We are going to be moving 1400 miles away, and we leave on the 15th. It'll
take a few days to get there. I know that will be stressful on her, is there
anything I can do to make it any less stressful? Like if she rides on
someone's lap instead of in a crate.or get one of those calming collars
I've seen at Walmart.? They have some kind of pheromone or something on
them, I think.?


There will be other cats in crates, and 2 dogs possibly in crates, possibly
not, but the dogs and this cat get along very well. 


She has continued to eat baby food.not a ton, but some.and she urinated the
other day (on the floor - missed the box, I guess) and it was a very
string yellow color, but not orange, brown, or red.like a.hi-liter yellow,
but really concentrated. Like if you hi-lited the same spot on a piece of
paper over and over.hope that makes some sense.lol.


She's still real yellow-skinned (and paw pads and nose and gums). She has
been more alert the last few days, but still not active much. 


The vet she saw was very sure that she won't make it. He kept saying he has
seen cats with the levels in her bloodwork, and it never turns out good. I
don't expect a miracle (thought it would be nice), but if she can live for a
while, and not be in pain or discomfort, I have to try.ya know?


If she makes it until the 15th, and makes the trip, I will be looking for a
vet that is maybe a bit more optimistic.but realistic, too.


Oh.and guess what? She was purring for me the other morning :) That was the
first time I'd heard/felt that in a while.


She seems to not want to be warm. She won't stay under the covers at night
like she used to, prefers the bare wood floor to the soft beds, and we even
found her in the empty bathtub yesterday.  Most of her day is spent in the
top of a tall laundry basket, laying on a fleece blanket. At night she
sleeps at the foot of our bed.


Anyway, any more info, encouragement, ideas, etc. are greatly appreciated :)



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Re: [Felvtalk] Update on our Lydia

2010-10-02 Thread Anndrea DeLozier
Is FeliWay something I might find at like PetsMart?


I know it isn't safe to have her on a lap.I guess I wasn't thinking about
that part.thanks for bringing it up.I'm so focused on her not feeling well,
it totally slipped my mind what could happen to her if she's not in a crate
most of the time.


I am hoping to use a large enough crate for her to have litter, food, and
water in there.she will definitely have food and water available (as will
the other cats in their crates).


Too bad human to cat blood transfusion won't work.me and hubby have both
said if we could, we'd go so far as to give her organs (or parts of organs -
like a piece of my liver), we wouldn't even hesitate :)


I'll call around on cost.but would I want to be having a transfusion done
shortly before we're moving, or should I call around at the new place
(assuming she makes it there)?


That Bach Flower stuff.the vet said not to do shots because of her weakened
immune system.I'm not sure I should be giving her anything I don't know
anything about.does that make sense?


Lydia doesn't drink a lot of water. She is not really active, and when I see
her having a hard time swallowing, I get her non-needled small syringe and
give her a couple drinks. I need to get more in her.she was getting more
when she was lapping up really watery cat food, but I was worried she wasn't
getting enough food, so went and got baby food. She eats that right out of
the jar, but doesn't seem to want water by itself anymore. I will try to get
more water in her from now on, since she hasn't been drinking it much on her


Yeah, I thought anemia would make her feel cold.I mean her paw pads seemed
cold for several days, but they feel normal warm now.hope that's a good
thing.I sure know the cold feet didn't feel right.


And, sorry to press the same question over and over, but does anyone know
how much Pet-Tinic I should be giving her? And of an iron supplement (if it
might help)?


Thanks :)






Yes, get some Feliway (facial pheromone)and spray it into the carrier a few
hours prior to leaving because if it's fresh, it's a bit strong. You can
take cat out once in a while, but it's not really safe in lap...I had a
friend whose cat was in the car, she got into a slight fender-bender, opened
the door and cat got out on a highway - she never found it again. Keep them
safe inside a proper cat carrier - get a larger one where you could place a
small baking dish with litter, etc.
No, you cannot do human blood to cat. From a cat to another, yes - vets
usually have donor cats living at hospitals. Don't know where you live -
cost varies from area to area.
Yes, those calming things could work - but how about Bach Flower Remedies'
Rescue - put into water, into mouth, spread fur away on forehead and place
a few drops on it.  You cannot overdo.
Does kitty drink enough water/?  You might want to give her water with an
eyedropper throughout the day.
If she's anemic, I';m surprised that she wants to keep cool
Good luck eith the trip and the little one!  I'll be thinking of you all!


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Re: [Felvtalk] Update on our Lydia

2010-10-02 Thread Anndrea DeLozier
Ok, I will get some Feliway and see if it helps her on the trip :)


I didn't think about water spilling.we're going to have to make a lot of
stops anyway because I'm having knee surgery Tuesday and have to get out and
stretch like every hour or two.I can try to get some food and water in her
on those stops and when we stop for the night.


The vet hasn't really said anything about transfusion since the bloodwork
came back. We had taken her in on a Friday, so had to wait until Monday for
the FeLV test results. He gave us antibiotics for her, and called Friday
night to let us know some of the bloodwork tests had come back and that she
is VERY anemic and that it looks like her bone marrow is not making new red
blood cells. He was gone that next week, and another doctor gave me some
hope, but was also very realistic about it. Once he was back in the office,
he called and was very adamant about putting her down. I asked about pain.if
she might have any and how I would know if she does. All they told me was
she'd cry out and would pant like a dog. They said I would definitely know
something had changed and that it was important. She has never done those


I might try both.? Feliway and rescue remedy.?


I never thought about the hot water helping make it more tasty.I assumed
people said to dilute it because she probably doesn't have much energy to
chew food. but, I need to keep getting water into her, too.so maybe a little
hot water in her food would be good :)


Don't be sorry.I hope I didn't come across.like.I was snapping at you.I
totally didn't mean for it to sound that way :)


Ok, 0.25 ml. I'm sure that wouldn't be too much.the bottle was saying 2.5ml
for a 25lb dog or cat.but I want to make sure I don't OD her, so I will do


Thanks a ton for the info and suggestions :)


This is just so hard on me and my husband (who Lydia claimed as hers the
moment we brought her home :)   ). She is just so amazing :)





Yes, any pet supply store carries Feliway.  There's even a dog counterpart

available now.

Don't put water in there - it'll spill and everything will be wet.  Give it

to her once in a while off with an eyedropper.  We have traveled a lot with

our cats and dogs - cross-country, to Europe and back

Transfusion isn't always IT - does she really need it according to the vet?


Rescue remedy can be given anytime - it's not a shot - cannot interfere with


PetTinic - sorry, I forgot to answer: My vet prescribed .25 mL twice a day

for an adult cat with regular anemia (he was not FeLV+).  He always reminds

me not to give too much of it.

If you use a small amount of really hot water in the food, the flavor comes

out and cats love it.


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[Felvtalk] Update on our Lydia

2010-09-30 Thread Anndrea DeLozier
I asked some questions a couple days or so ago, and got some wonderful
responses! However, I have not figured out how to reply to messages on here,
so I am starting a new thread.hope that's ok.


I got Lydia's lab work and it reads as follows (I am only posting the tests
that came up outside the normal range):

Globulin=2.8 (should be between 3.0-5.6)

Total Bilirubin=0.5 (should be between 0.0-0.4)

Direct Bilirubin=0.4 (should be between 0.0-0.2)

Cholesterol=68 (should be between 82-218)

Glucose=153 (should be between 70-150)

Potassium-3.6 (should be between 3.9-5.3)

A/G Ratio=1.2 (should be between 0.4-0.8)

RBC=3.44 (should be between 6.0-10.0)

HCT=16.0 (should be between 29-45)

NRBC=5 (should be between 0-2/100 WBC.WBC=9.1 - should be between 4.2-15.6)

Neutrophil Seg=18 (should be between 35-75)

Lymphocytes=57 (should be between 20-55)

Monocytes=5 (should be between 1-4)

Eosinophil=20 (should be between 2-12)

Auto Platelet=70 (should be between 170-600)


Then there's these, I have no clue what these (and most of the above) are.

Poikilocytosis - Slight

Platelet Comments - Platelets appear moderately decreased (50,000-120,000)


Remarks: WBC Corrected for presence of nucleated RBC's

Acanthocytes - slight


Slide reviewed microscopically


Absolute Neutrophil Seg = 1638 (should be between 2500-12500)


Everything else showed as in the normal ranges listed with them.


At the top of the first page it says:

Reticulocyte count=0.7 (should be between 0-1)

Absolute reticulocyte=24080 (should be between 0-50,000)

An absolute reticulocyte count greater than 50,000 of blood is considered
evidence of regenerative anemia.

 Degree of regeneration: (aggregate reticulocytes)

 15,000 - NONE

   50,000 - SLIGHT

 100,000 - MODERATE

   200,000 - MARKED


FeLV antigen (ELISA) - POSITIVE (result has been duplicated)


I hope this isn't too long to post.I had no idea what people would or
wouldn't want to know. These results are of blood that was drawn on 9/17, I
have no idea what her numbers are now.


I did get her eating some stage 2 meat baby food. She's only eaten half a
jar, but that is more food in the last 24 hours than she probably ate the
few days before that.and before the baby food her food mostly consisted of
water. I am not force feeding at this time, since she sniffs it and eats on
her own, and drinks water on her own when she's thirsty.


She does seem to have some difficulty swallowing, but she is still getting
food and water down.


Also, what is the correct dosage of Pet Tinic for her? She is MAYBE 5lbs,
and the bottle says : dogs and cats 2.5 ml per 25lbs of body weight. So she
should get a fifth of that, which would be 0.5ml, right?


Thanks to anyone who has helped and might help in the future.and sorry again
for making this so long.



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