Re: [Felvtalk] Kiwi

2008-10-05 Thread April and Jay
Dearest Robin, I lost my sweet baby Fluffie two weeks ago. The hurt is still so strong. You work so hard to save them and yet sometimes they still have to leave us. It's so fustrating. I send you love and know I feel your pain. I am hurting too but you are not alone. We are all here for you.

[Felvtalk] Help with raw diet

2008-09-16 Thread April and Jay
Hello, I have been researching feeding my cats a raw diet. I found two different supplements Feline Instincts My Natural Cat and Instincts TC by feline future. I don't know which is better. Does anyone use these? Maybe someone with a better knowledge in cat diet can suggest which is better?

Re: [Felvtalk] Cole

2008-08-26 Thread April and Jay
Kim I send hugs to you over you huge loss of Cole. Lossing a fur baby is so very hard. It takes a long time but one day when Cole comes to your mind it will be more happy than sad. You did what is best and couldn't have loved Cole more. Hugs, April

Re: [Felvtalk] FIV Vac

2008-08-08 Thread April and Jay
Boy I must be lucky! Knowing what was said here I was against the vaccine but brought it up to my vet to see were he stood on it. He was totally against it. He said it is not even proven to work and gives false positives. It made me very secure to have my pets in his care.

[Felvtalk] Bring MM in the house

2008-07-31 Thread April and Jay
Hello! Tomorrow we are going to bring our FIV+ cat MM into our house. He is staying in our camper right now. We are going to keep him in a bedroom for a few weeks before we introduce him to our FIv- crew. Is there any tips, advice etc. anyone can give me? Thanks! April

[Felvtalk] Thanks

2008-07-24 Thread April and Jay
Thanks everyone for your advice especially Phoenix! And Though I am new to this group and don't really know anyone I still want to send a hug to you Sherry and say I am sorry Hannessey had to go over the rainbow bridge. I have a babe who has a heart condition and is not going to be with us

[Felvtalk] Any info on FIV cats and non FIV cats

2008-07-22 Thread April and Jay
I am thinking of bring in a sweet sray we've been caring for into our home. He is FIV Positive and non of my cats are. From what I have been reading it only seems to be past on by a deep bite wound. Does anyone have a FIV cat with non FIV cats? He has been very healthy. How long a life do they

[Felvtalk] New member!

2008-07-20 Thread April and Jay
Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself and my FIV+ Boy MM. This whole FIV thing is very new to us and we would love any advice about it. MM was a stray. My neighbor started feeding him and when thy moved we took over. When we decided to move we took him with us. Having more room we wanted to