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2007-08-27 Thread Beckie McRae
Jenna- Thanks so much for you letter. It made me cry because it was such a beautiful letter, and because in some way it brought me peace. Thank you again, you'll never know what this has meant to me, and thank you everyone else for your thoughts and prayers. Beckie

Typical course of a dying FELV kitty?

2007-08-24 Thread Beckie McRae
I think the Moeman is dying. I'm just trying to keep him comfortable as possible now. No more pokes and prods, etc. He's content I think. I'm just wondering if you guys could tell me the typical course of dying for a FELV cat? Will he just get weaker and weaker like he has been?

RE: Felvtalk Digest, Vol 31, Issue 61

2007-08-21 Thread Beckie McRae
I live about 3 hours west of Chicago. Please keep me updated on this vet. I would be more than willing to drive that if it means saving one of my babies. Thanks! Beckie -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday,

Getting rid of fleas????

2007-08-14 Thread Beckie McRae
Ok guys, so what in your opinion is the best way to rid your house of fleas? Beckie


2007-08-13 Thread Beckie McRae
Well, Friday, I went and got the Pill Pockets. (Chicken Flavored, my cats hate seafood, go figure), Went home, wrapped the Benedryl in it, and..WA LA! Down it went! I was SO happy!!! The lady at the pet store also told me about these bath wipes so I got a pack of those. They're like

Moe has taken a turn for the worse...

2007-08-10 Thread Beckie McRae
Well Moeman has gotten REALLY sick again. He's got huge bumps ALL around his neck, like he's wearing a collar or something, but he doesn't. I called the vet and explained to her that since I've already had him in there 3 times, I couldn't afford to keep bringing him back and asked for Clavomox

Update on my Catkids

2007-08-07 Thread Beckie McRae
Well Miles is doing MUCH better, no accidents. Moe is pretty much back to normal. I think he's just really weak because I notice he gets tired more quickly than before. Holly is her usual majestic self. And we all shared the Kitty Room with the AC again last night. I actually think they


2007-08-06 Thread Beckie McRae
Well, Miles came thru with flying colors. He indeed has a urinary tract infection. He's on meds, and we haven't seen a mess since! YAY Also, we turned on the air in one room for them last night. They were loving it. UNFORTUNATELY, we didn't turn the air on in our room, and it was MUGGY,


2007-08-03 Thread Beckie McRae
Well, Miles if off to the vet today at 3:15. Wish him luck. He's NOT going to be happy. Beckie

My little Moe man.

2007-08-02 Thread Beckie McRae
Hi everyone. Thanks for the responses. I had them do blood work on him, and its fine, he's eating like a cow, and drinking like a camel. Something that I discovered today is that it's NOT him going to the bathroom in the kitchen; it's our OTHER FLV+ cat, Miles. Now Miles is about 4 years

Hi everyone. New here. Need help with my kitty please.

2007-08-01 Thread Beckie McRae
Hi everyone. My name is Beckie. I'm 25 and live in Iowa with my boyfriend and 3 cats (2 of whom are FLV positive). I'm hoping you guys can help me. I have a cat named Moe and he's about 3 and has FLV. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed some bumps around his neck and on his back, and he started to lose