Re: [Felvtalk] Hair Loss

2010-02-23 Thread Carol Tsai Begnoche
was on steroids and that shut down her immune system and then we had the mite problem. She had to have lyme baths. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Carol Tsai Begnoche Sent: Monday, February 22

[Felvtalk] Hair Loss

2010-02-22 Thread Carol Tsai Begnoche
Hi all. My 1 year old FeLV+ male cat has started to have some hair loss on his head and neck. I noticed a bit of a bald spot on his neck a few days ago with a small scratch (he plays rough with his brother). I didn't think anything of it as I thought maybe he just scratched the hair off. Then

[Felvtalk] FeLV Kitten Needs a Home

2009-12-03 Thread Carol Tsai Begnoche
Hi all. I've been a member of this group for about a year now and enjoy learning and listening to your experiences regarding your FeLV kitties. I have two positives and one negative of my own. So long story short, I went into Petco yesterday to get some food for my cats and ran into a lady who

[Felvtalk] Bene-Bac

2009-05-14 Thread Carol Tsai Begnoche
Hi all. I have been following this group reguarly since two of my cats got diagnosed with FeLV in January. I currently have 3...the youngest being a year old. When I got him, he had persistant URI's and we treated him with a number of different antibiotics. During this time, he had

[Felvtalk] Post to List

2009-01-22 Thread Carol Tsai Begnoche
My Email address is and I'd like to be able to post to this listserve. ___ Felvtalk mailing list