Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV Re-testing for kittens/Tommy Update

2010-08-17 Thread Fernanda Barreto
I have been meaning to send out this update, but now it's in direct response to Paola's question. I wrote in a few weeks ago to get some advise on an FeLV positive kitten I had found in the middle of the street. Even knowing that he may not be around for long (the vet wanted to put him

[Felvtalk] Vet referral and FeLV treatment

2010-06-22 Thread Fernanda Barreto
Hello all: This weekend I got lost driving in an industrial part of my town. Suddenly in the middle of the street, I see a tiny kitten. Luckily I was able to avoid hitting him, as was the car behind me. I quickly got out of my car and approached the kitten. Imagine my surprise when he