[Felvtalk] Rebecca - Tummy troubles

2009-08-13 Thread Iva Lark Emily Seaberg
Rebecca had a significant gum infection when she was diagnosed almost two weeks ago and the vet had placed her on Clindamyacin twice a day for ten days, and Prednisone twice a day for 7 days and then once a day for 21 days. I started the Clindamyacin  about 7/8 days ago and the Prednisone a few

Re: [Felvtalk] Wolfie Update

2009-08-05 Thread Iva Lark Emily Seaberg
A few years ago I had a kitty with Chronic Renal Failure. Towards the end he was extremely anemic and we did the Epogen. I'm so glad we did it because it did buy us some time. I decided to try the Epogen when it became clear he was not making new blood cells, his anemia became extreme and we

[Felvtalk] How to long to separate negative/positive kitties?

2009-08-03 Thread Iva Lark Emily Seaberg
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! It was very reassuring to read all of your posts, especially those with multi-cat mixed households. I spoke to the vet this morning and she was actually ok with my decision, but she wants me to keep my positive kitty isolated for now. She didn't say how

[Felvtalk] Introduction - Rebecca

2009-08-02 Thread Iva Lark Emily Seaberg
My 2 year old cat Rebecca (Becca) was diagnosed with FeLV on Friday. A brief history: I adopted Becca, along with another kitty Katherine, from PetSmart when they were a few months old. They had both been tested FeLV negative. But I did notice that a week after I brought them home Becca