Re: [Felvtalk] not receiving e-mails

2018-02-22 Thread Jennifer Olson
Been peaceful ! On Feb 21, 2018 4:02 PM, "Sandy" wrote: > Looks like I have not received any e-mail contact since November 2017. > > > Sandy W > > ___ > Felvtalk mailing list > >

[Felvtalk] Merry Christmas & Happy Anniversary wishes

2017-12-27 Thread Jennifer Olson
December 22nd marked the beginning of our 2nd yr with Figaro in our lives. He is healthy, but a bit heavy- the kind of weight gain common after being neutered. Have yet to get him integrated into the clan, so each of us "bipedals" lavish Figaro with various kinds of attention... of course I'M the

[Felvtalk] Krammer

2017-11-06 Thread Jennifer Olson
Kat, you are an amazing fur-baby Mama ! ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Read entire string

2017-10-16 Thread Jennifer Olson
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Howdy!

2017-10-16 Thread Jennifer Olson
Still here, and glad the message tonight wasn't bad news! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Kat K's kitten

2017-09-02 Thread Jennifer Olson
PRAISE JESUS ! ! ! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] CH +FeLv

2017-09-01 Thread Jennifer Olson
Katherine K, What's the word on that lil baby? Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] (no subject)

2017-08-15 Thread Jennifer Olson
Lucky is BLESSED ! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Lucky Lucky- truly BLESSED

2017-08-02 Thread Jennifer Olson
Thx for sharing the happy update ! ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Pathetic

2017-08-01 Thread Jennifer Olson
I just realized that a young cat I saw on I-35 in Minneapolis August of '91 was probably tossed too! During rush hour no less, I couldn't do anything to help it, I was a passenger and that poor baby had been severely injured already. I still remember the absolute, helpless horror and what the

[Felvtalk] Unspeakable evil

2017-07-31 Thread Jennifer Olson
Stories like this kitten thrown from a moving car are TOO common. Force Change, & are a few places that have petitions for protecting snimals and seeking justice. Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] dlegg

2017-07-28 Thread Jennifer Olson
How are YOU dlegg after your surgery? ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Post-Op

2017-07-28 Thread Jennifer Olson
Bob, How are you ? ? ? Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Sending prayers up for you!

2017-07-22 Thread Jennifer Olson
___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] (no subject)

2017-06-12 Thread Jennifer Olson
Praying for Krammie & you. Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] O2 ?

2017-05-31 Thread Jennifer Olson
Did you get information on how to best safely administer oxygen to your Annie? Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Animal WELfare

2017-05-27 Thread Jennifer Olson
I agree Robert, it is a HUGE struggle to maintain a "good heart" towards all people- even those that practically demand to be hated. Also afraid that faced with any act of abuse- I too would have to face the law. There are web petition links where I get added 'relief' by signing to find &

Re: [Felvtalk] Hi......sad news....

2017-05-27 Thread Jennifer Olson
So sorry for your loss- Rejoicing he had you to love him ! Jen On May 27, 2017 10:12 AM, "rosebudcocopuff" wrote: > My sweet, beautiful, Martinjust one yr. Of age lost his fight on > Thursday, May 25th. Rest now my baby boy. Always remembered, always >

Re: [Felvtalk] Sentiment

2017-04-24 Thread Jennifer Olson
Very well said! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Sheri <3

2017-04-14 Thread Jennifer Olson
Mo had The Best- And it was ALL because YOU are who you are. God sent him to you- because without you, Mo wouldn't have been given a shadow of a chance. Your selflessness to give Mo everything & hold back no part of your heart (knowing one day you would likely outlive him) made you his angel-

[Felvtalk] Lovely

2017-04-13 Thread Jennifer Olson
Ardy, Thanks so much for sharing that poem! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Make certain

2017-04-12 Thread Jennifer Olson
Dear Bob, If you want to be sure Jelly is in your loving, comforting, protective arms- and not suffering, alone You can take Jelly in to the vet's, be WITH him, and set him free. My heart is hurting so much for you. Praying for you both- Jen ___

[Felvtalk] Mobil vet

2017-04-12 Thread Jennifer Olson
AWESOME ! ! ! There should be MORE of them. I'd pay the extra "convenience" fees, to protect my fur-babies from the stress of going in. The comfort felt of being at HOME ! I think if we approach our vets with the idea, and a waiver because of concerns of being sued, this could really catch on!

[Felvtalk] Holding on...

2017-04-11 Thread Jennifer Olson
I have been allowed to hold both of my cats & 1 for my sister as they were "put down". Using a towel around their lower half to catch anything excreted when they leave their body helps. Be your & your baby's best advocate when the time comes. My heart hurts for yours, Jen

[Felvtalk] Mo

2017-04-11 Thread Jennifer Olson
Thoughts & prayers for your strength. Mo will be completely healthy soon- just missing you til you are reunited once more. Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Comfort

2017-04-10 Thread Jennifer Olson
It is PAINFULLY difficult to know when enough is enough. God be with you & your furbaby. Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] PRAISE JESUS !

2017-04-07 Thread Jennifer Olson
SO happy to hear you've had some ups again- praying he's stable long enough for the meds to work their miracles for Jelly! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] So much to lose

2017-04-06 Thread Jennifer Olson
Bob, Understanding that there won't be a cheap way to check so soon on Jelly's anemia, I want you to consider indulging on a food Jelly used to LOVE, offer it over the weekend, try to put force feeding aside, and just love on him ❤ Jen ___ Felvtalk

[Felvtalk] Cherished memories

2017-04-06 Thread Jennifer Olson
When I had to give my cat subcutaneous fluids because of her condition- Zuzu began to act like she wasn't sure if I was about to inject her- or just wanted to hold her each time I picked her up. THAT was killing ME! That is when I realized I was being selfish. All I was going to have until her &

[Felvtalk] YAY 4 HOPE

2017-04-05 Thread Jennifer Olson
Mo & Vi & you are in my prayers! ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Dearest Friend

2017-04-03 Thread Jennifer Olson
Know that MANY hearts here are breaking with yours- and that we're relieved your messages are finally getting through. I know how very isolated this situation can make one feel, a personal hell! There is great strength in your & Jelly's love- THAT can not be changed- you will do what we all have

[Felvtalk] Update on Figaro VonMouztrapf

2017-03-23 Thread Jennifer Olson
Neuter this morning went fine. My son & I stopped after school to visit him. We'll get Figaro back tomorrow =~D Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Meow-y-WOWY

2017-03-16 Thread Jennifer Olson
Sorry, none. ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Food...

2017-03-09 Thread Jennifer Olson
I am curious too. I want to give Figaro all the nutritional support possible for stable health. A few times a wk I'm giving a kitten vitamin supplement. Am just starting to mix kitten kibble in his adult kibble. Anxious to hear everything else suggested ! =~D Jen

Re: [Felvtalk] Good news!

2017-03-09 Thread Jennifer Olson
lk [] *On Behalf > Of *Jennifer Olson > *Sent:* Wednesday, March 8, 2017 12:05 PM > *To:* > *Subject:* [Felvtalk] Good news! > > > > Figaro's bloodwork shows he is "healthy" ! ! ! No sign of ear mites so >

[Felvtalk] Good news!

2017-03-08 Thread Jennifer Olson
Figaro's bloodwork shows he is "healthy" ! ! ! No sign of ear mites so treatment now is to clean & use ointment for otitis externa. Did NOT do skin scraping for d. gatoi, fur & skin are MUCH improved. And Vet's going to let us have the "Barn cat" discount on his neuter! Bad news, Vet "looked into"

Re: [Felvtalk] Fluid in Airway

2017-03-08 Thread Jennifer Olson
ore specific >> than "Re: Contents of Felvtalk digest..." >> >> >> Today's Topics: >> >>1. My Charlie (Tina Terrell) >>2. Re: Fluid in Lungs or Airway... (Jennifer Olson) >>3. Re: My Charlie (Amani Oakley) >> >> >>

Re: [Felvtalk] Fluid in Lungs or Airway...

2017-03-06 Thread Jennifer Olson
Bob, Have you tried to record the sounds of his breathing to replay for a vet? Suppose you told them about past episodes & effects of thorough cleaning? Jen On Mar 6, 2017 8:33 PM, "ROBERT CHAPEL" wrote: > > > Hello All: > > My remaining boy ( Magellin aka " Jelly " )

Re: [Felvtalk] Prednisone

2017-03-06 Thread Jennifer Olson
; > *From:* Felvtalk [] *On Behalf > Of *Jennifer Olson > *Sent:* March-06-17 2:53 PM > *To:* > *Subject:* [Felvtalk] Prednisone > > > > Have vet appointment soon. Can't find the rationale for prednisone in

[Felvtalk] Prednisone

2017-03-06 Thread Jennifer Olson
Have vet appointment soon. Can't find the rationale for prednisone in Zander's protocol. Would like to have that information when I see Dr. Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] How coyld I foeget?!?!?

2017-03-05 Thread Jennifer Olson
t; wrote: > > > p.s.. If the Ivermectin is to treat the Demodex, I never had any luck with > that, but then, I've only treated dogs. I had success with Advantage Multi > every two weeks, and most recently, Bravecto as labeled. > > HTH > > Margo > > -Original Message---

Re: [Felvtalk] How coyld I foeget?!?!?

2017-03-04 Thread Jennifer Olson
> > > Amani > > > > *From:* Felvtalk [] *On Behalf > Of *Jennifer Olson > *Sent:* March-04-17 9:18 PM > *To:* > *Subject:* [Felvtalk] How coyld I foeget?!?!? > > > > The demodex gatoi

[Felvtalk] How coyld I foeget?!?!?

2017-03-04 Thread Jennifer Olson
The demodex gatoi ! Figaro would very likely NOT have gotten the parasite if the FeLV wasn't present. Still working on that & ear mites- oral ivermectin every other day and a topical product meant to be used once/ mo Vet said to apply every 2 wks for approx 6 wks. Ear mites are quite stubborn,

[Felvtalk] Thank you all

2017-03-04 Thread Jennifer Olson
Figaro has appointment Mon afternoon now. All the Z's protocol, retesting & neutering will get addressed SOON =~D ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Fwd: Cont....

2017-03-03 Thread Jennifer Olson
-- Forwarded message -- From: "Jennifer Olson" <> Date: Mar 2, 2017 2:51 PM Subject: Cont To: "ROBERT CHAPEL" <> Cc: Sometimes I feel like he would've been better without my "help". Other time

[Felvtalk] Fwd: My intention has been...

2017-03-03 Thread Jennifer Olson
-- Forwarded message -- From: "Jennifer Olson" <> Date: Mar 2, 2017 2:45 PM Subject: My intention has been... To: "ROBERT CHAPEL" <> Cc: Integrate Figaro after he heals from neutering. He is du

[Felvtalk] In my defense...

2017-03-02 Thread Jennifer Olson
Figaro has urinated on the bed at least once before (didn't wake me up, but I was in bed), on a wall & somewhere yet to be discovered (somehow he got it on back of his neck that time!). I will try to find that other product Margo recommends. ___ Felvtalk

[Felvtalk] Losing patience

2017-03-02 Thread Jennifer Olson
Figaro is adorable, but I'm so frustrated with the whole situation- I'm begining to consider other livining arrangements... aka placement... On Mar 2, 2017 3:19 AM, "ROBERT CHAPEL" wrote: Thanks Amani... this is very helpful and I will do my best to locate these

Re: [Felvtalk] Knowing the " whys" of Win/Pred/Doxy

2017-03-01 Thread Jennifer Olson
Alright- Figaro just pee'd on my bed right- next to me- after I cleaned box (and then his paws because he made loose poop & got litter ETC on the bed) caught him in the act. He hasn't been neutered yet. I threw my bedding into washer, sprayed bed with "Nature's Miracle- No Spray" & resolved I am

[Felvtalk] Doxy

2017-03-01 Thread Jennifer Olson
Thanks again, VERY grateful ! Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] Zander's Protocol

2017-03-01 Thread Jennifer Olson
gt; > > Amani > > > > *From:* Felvtalk [] *On Behalf > Of *Jennifer Olson > *Sent:* March-01-17 1:07 PM > *To:* > *Subject:* [Felvtalk] Zander's Protocol > > > > I tried searching for

[Felvtalk] Zander's Protocol

2017-03-01 Thread Jennifer Olson
I tried searching for Zander's protocol online with no results. Is this a term or phrase coined here, or widely used in veterinary medicine? Thx, Jen ___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV

2017-02-11 Thread Jennifer Olson
AMEN ! On Feb 11, 2017 8:15 PM, "Sandy" wrote: > the more information the better > > -- > *From: *"Katherine K." > *To: * > *Sent: *Friday, February 10, 2017 2:10:59 PM > *Subject: *Re:

Re: [Felvtalk] age

2017-02-10 Thread Jennifer Olson
vaccinated for FeLV? I >> would speak with your vet, but I have never ever had a cat spread FeLV to >> another cat in my household. I might be more worried if your other cats are >> just kittens, but if they are adults, just take the precaution of >> vaccinating them.

[Felvtalk] Knowledge is power

2017-02-10 Thread Jennifer Olson
If I had known about the need for FeLV+ homes before I got my other cats, I just might have started a little refuge myself. How worried SHOULD we be about keeping the FeLV+ stray I've become attached to over the last few weeks? Worrying is ruining quality of life here... Jen

Re: [Felvtalk] age

2017-02-10 Thread Jennifer Olson
control after initial treatment, > so is something else going on? > > Where are you? No need to be specific, just general area, and > maybe someone can offer more "local" advice. V take FeLV+ cats. > > Margo > > -Original Message- > From: Jennifer Ol

Re: [Felvtalk] Katherine, Rebecca and Jennifer

2017-02-10 Thread Jennifer Olson
I'm new =~} On Feb 10, 2017 7:50 AM, "Rebecca Pruett" wrote: > I am . > > > On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 8:36 AM Katherine K. wrote: > >> I'm not a new member. Been on here for about 4 years. >> >> On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 11:51 PM,

Re: [Felvtalk] Feline leuk.

2017-02-10 Thread Jennifer Olson
BE PROUD ! ! ! I wish I could find someone as caring here to take an adorable young male stray that showed up on Dec 22nd & has tested pos. I'm overwhelmed with the 3 cats (all FeLV neg) & 1 large dog we already have. God bless you! Jen On Feb 10, 2017 10:57 AM, "Roxanne Smith"

Re: [Felvtalk] age

2017-02-09 Thread Jennifer Olson
On Dec 22nd, 2016 an ADORABLE young male kitty arrived crying @ our home. We already have 3 cats & a dog, so we tried to find him a home. After a month, and having allowed him inside (kept seperate from our zoo) due to lethally cold weather, we decided he was here to stay. I was DEVASTATED when he