[Felvtalk] Ash

2016-10-21 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Amani,  Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the blood work testing to me and ease my mind some.  He seem to have a little bit of upset stomach at supper time today again and kind of picked at his food but did eat and is still behaving normal otherwise.   We have another vet

[Felvtalk] Ash

2016-10-21 Thread Karen Harshbarger
BchapelHow old is your cat?  Our guys had all kinds of problems---almost constant from 6 months to 12 months.  But then they did great for about 3 years.  But know all of a sudden they have been hit.  Cole got sick and in 2 weeks he was gone.  Now two months after that his brother is sick and I

Re: [Felvtalk] need help for Ash, Coles brother

2016-10-21 Thread Karen Harshbarger
I am getting so stressed out I even typed the wrong name.  The blood work that I tried  to send on Ash (not cole as I stated in last email,   came through in a jumbled mess.  I will try to redo later tonight. Thank you, Karen and Ash On Friday, October 21, 2016 6:44 PM, Karen Harshbarger

[Felvtalk] need help for Ash, Coles brother

2016-10-21 Thread Karen Harshbarger
well it looks like the blood test results that I sent on Cole came through as a jumbled mess and I dont kknow how to fix it.  It took me hours to type this all in! I have an appointment now and will try again tonight.  Cause tonight Ash ate but not normal.  I was feeling good because he seemed

[Felvtalk] Help with Ash, Coles brother

2016-10-21 Thread Karen Harshbarger
had one dose of  Orbax plus injection of some sort in the vet office  No fluids or anything else has been given to Ash. I have another appointment tomorrow for Ash with the vet for checkup and to make sure fever is gone.  Any suggestions would be so so appreciated, Karen Harshbarger and Ash

[Felvtalk] Urgent help with flea treatment question

2016-08-30 Thread Karen Harshbarger
  As most of you know, we lost our Cole to feline leukemia and liver complications this month.  I don't have time to morn my dear sweet Cole as I am struggling to save his brother Ash.  Ash tested positive again this month (4 years ago tested positive once and then negative twice).  However his

[Felvtalk] Cole. Re: Felvtalk Digest, Vol 28, Issue 18

2016-08-18 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Everyone thank you so much for all your caring help, but it was just too late. My baby Cole died in my arms tonight. Everyone love your fur babies extra tonight in honor of all the love you and I have for these little ones___ Felvtalk mailing list

Re: [Felvtalk] Felvtalk Digest, Vol 28, Issue 14

2016-08-18 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Amani, I talked to a vet at Cornell U at their consult services today for a second opinion since things are not going well for Cole. He throws up almost every night after eating just a little ( tonight he threw up just in anticipated food-- no food-- because he is so nausea). He is going to

Re: [Felvtalk] Felvtalk Digest, Vol 28, Issue 9

2016-08-17 Thread Karen Harshbarger
How did you know there was enlarged lymth nodes? Bloodwoork or X-ray or exam? All I have is blood work listed here. Vet does not want to use steroids of any kind she said cause liver is already struggling per blood work and steroids can cause liver illness. I have tried AD and baby food-- he

[Felvtalk] Can't eat

2016-08-17 Thread Karen Harshbarger
I come to you for suggestions for our Cole. We got Cole as a litter rescue from our yard We feed the strays and a little very young mother left them at our door We already had some house cats so built a kennel to shelter them Outside and began To look for homes for them. Then two litter kittens

[Felvtalk] Need home for FELV cat in Ft. Worth

2013-11-10 Thread Karen Harshbarger
To felvtalk@felineleukemia.org  Today at 7:53 PM Gloria Lane and Lance, There are two shelters that I know of in Iowa that rescue Feline Leukemia cats Carmen Conklin at CW Shelter in Northeast Iowa cwshel...@wildblue.net;  and Witty Kitty in Solon, Iowa Jennifer Doll jkd...@gmail.com.  Not

[Felvtalk] testing

2013-08-15 Thread Karen Harshbarger
After the long discussion that I just got on testing, I am really confused and concerned.  I have a group of 6---one senior and the others a year old.  It was suspected that they were exposed to a cat with feline leukemia so I had them tested.  All but the one year old female tested positive on

[Felvtalk] foster kittens testing positive

2013-08-08 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Kathrine,  I am by no means an authority on feline leukemia, because the group I have now is the first group I have had testing positive.  I am here to continue to learn also. But my suggestion would be to be extremely aggressive in treatment---any sniffle sneeze runny eyes or anything, get

[Felvtalk] goodby little one

2013-07-01 Thread Karen Harshbarger
It is with a sad heart that I remember a little cat that came into our lives one cold winter morning this past winter. She lost her battle with feline leukemia last night. Little Squirt --- later to become Penelope (Penny) squeezed her way into our outside kennel and into our hearts. She was

[Felvtalk] bubba

2013-06-14 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Definitely sending healing thoughts to Bubba and strength to you---I definitely  understand that helpless feeling.  When you don't know what else to do---just keep loving themso important for them to know all the love they can get.   Will be thinking of you,

[Felvtalk] feline leukemia tests

2013-06-12 Thread Karen Harshbarger
I had my 5 cats tested for feline leukemia when believed to be exposed.  First test 4 tested positive and yesterday (90 days later) all 5 tested negative.  my vet said retest in 45 days and see what we get.  If two test with same diagnosis then that is the results.  Has anyone ever had this

[Felvtalk] prayers

2013-06-07 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Just need some prayers tonight for Cole.  He tested positive along with his brothers for feline leukemia about 3 months ago.  The have all been doing pretty good, eating well, playing, happy and loving, etc.  But then two of his brothers started having problems with scab like bumps and the vet

[Felvtalk] Fw: prayers

2013-06-07 Thread Karen Harshbarger
faster, so I guess I am afraid of that.  But I am so very worried about Cole and would really appreciate hearing your suggestions  My email is harshbargerka...@yahoo.com for those of you that don't have it.  Thanks, Karen - Forwarded Message - From: Karen Harshbarger harshbargerka

[Felvtalk] struggling tonight

2013-06-07 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Hi,  I joined all of these group cause I have kittys with all of these illnesses---one with CRF, 4 with feline leukemia, and little Tig that I lost had very bad anemia/feline leukemia/upper respiratory/etc.etc. and unfortunately I know that Anemia is probably coming for my 4 kittys with feline

Re: [Felvtalk] struggling tonight

2013-06-07 Thread Karen Harshbarger
! How far are u from NY? I am in Saratoga Springs and would highly recommend my vet; very knowledgeable, always open for suggestions and really affordable. Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android From: Karen Harshbarger harshbargerka...@yahoo.com

[Felvtalk] struggling tonight

2013-06-07 Thread Karen Harshbarger
Thanks to all for the calming support and suggestions.  I guess I panic because I just lost my little Tig(Cole's brother) not that long ago (little over a month ago).  It was when Tig stopped eating that he went down very fast in just a short time and he never came back to me-and I feel I

[Felvtalk] concerned

2013-05-29 Thread Karen Harshbarger
 Have you ever had any of your cats with Feline Leukemia get scabs on them.  One of mine had just a few around his neck for quite some time (even before we got feline leukemia tests results), and now he has got more on his body.  Then either in rough housing or scratching himself, he pulled the