Fwd: Re: Flushing dental floss

2006-06-22 Thread Karolyn Lount
---BeginMessage--- Thank you for mentioning those damn plastic can holders! I was going to write about them myself. Nina Belinda wrote: Unfortunately it isn't just the kitties at my home that may have problems with dental floss. It's the critters scouring the garbage dumping grounds that

Fwd: Two victories for animals; several more to go

2006-05-28 Thread Karolyn Lount
---BeginMessage--- Trouble with links or images? View this message online:https://community.hsus.org/humane/notice-description.tcl?newsletter_id=3747618 May 25, 2006 Dear Karolyn,This year, we have seen the power of your participation in making real strides for animals on

Fwd: Interesting Information Please read.....

2006-05-07 Thread Karolyn Lount
---BeginMessage--- I did know about this but am passing it on as it may help one of you. Please pass it on to your listBetty Subject: Microwaving water A 26-year old man decided to have a cup of coffee. He took a cup of water and put it in the microwave to heat it up (something that

Re: Easter Lilies toxic to cats!

2006-04-14 Thread Karolyn Lount
All lilies are toxic to cats

OT Cat Peeing on Bed

2006-03-14 Thread Karolyn Lount
I live on the edge of a park and last Aug. I rescued a 4 mo. old kitten. He had not been out there to long because he was in very good shape, I soon discovered why he had been dumped in the park. Several times each day he would pee on my bed. And YES he also used the litter box. I could not close

FeLV + test results

2006-02-18 Thread Karolyn Lount
I learned something the other day I did not know. If a cat is vaccinated against getting FeLV all its life it will test positive. So it could very well be that a rescue cat that tests positive is not. This is what my new vet told me. I feel this all the more reason not to put down those that test

Re: OT

2006-01-31 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi Sheila, I will be happy to mail them to you if you send me your address.


2006-01-30 Thread Karolyn Lount
I get a lot of Betty Crocker points that I just toss. If anyone out there would like to have them let me know and I will be happy to mail them to you

Re: Hartz Tropical Flea Tick Products for Cats

2006-01-13 Thread Karolyn Lount
The subject products will be out of all stores by March 31, 2006 per their agreement with the EPA

Hartz Tropical Flea Tick Products for Cats

2006-01-09 Thread Karolyn Lount
Announced that by Mach 31, 2006 (The Subject) will be removed from distribution and retail shelves. Following discussions with the EPA the company signed an agreement to voluntarily cancel these products registrations

Re: I have a cat with FIV

2005-12-22 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I could not read your e-mail it was blred. From the subject I geather this is your first cat with FIV. You really don't need to worry. I have had many over the years and they all lived to die of something that goes wth old age

Re: I lost my court hearing today -

2005-12-20 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Most cities do have a Limit Law, but they also have a Special Permit code. Any chance your area has one???

Re: Advice please

2005-12-08 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I have been rescuing FeLV+ cats and kittens for 14yrs. And other cats andkittens that are not adoptable for one reason or another. I have mixed my + - and in all these years only 2 negatives became positive and the vet told me they may have been + but tested negative because the virus was in

RE: 20 CATS...

2005-11-16 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I think it is great that you foster. But you must remember this. Any time you bring another cat into your home the Pecking Order will change. And there will be stress on the part of the cats you already have. If you can keep the fosters separate from the other cats that may help

Re: 20 CATS...

2005-11-14 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I use to have 18 cats in a 1 bedroom condo and they all got along. I did have a lot of high furniture that they could get on the top of. Anytime I wanted to introduce a new cat into the group I did it very slowly. There were times it didn't workout so I had to fine another home for said cat.

Re: FeLVtalk Poll on FeLV contraction

2005-11-02 Thread Karolyn Lount
Over a period of 14yrs and a mix of cats, negative positive, only 2 became positive

Re: Help

2005-09-24 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Do take it to a vet. It may be that it has worms


2005-09-15 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi All, I think it would be a great help to all of us that when one posts a Home Needed if they included the area they are in. Thanks, Karolyn

Re: laser toy

2005-09-10 Thread Karolyn Lount
Help...I need your help. I keep sending messages to the email address I have(shown above) and they seem to fall off the face of the earth...can you help me by replying with the e-mail address you use


2005-09-10 Thread Karolyn Lount

Re: laser toy

2005-09-10 Thread Karolyn Lount
P.S. I kept playing around with the address and I believe I got it right. Thanks anyway

Re: Found kitten then found two more.

2005-08-04 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Take them to the Bonanza Cat Hosp. in Las Vegas. Tell them that 2nd Chance Cat Rescue in Alameda, Calif. told you to take them there. I worked with them in Jan. to place 2 cats in a new home.

RE: (Fwd) Leukemia Positive Kittens

2005-08-03 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I live in the San Francisco Bay area. I will take one or both of them if you can get them to me. My Phone # is 510 522 4762

Re: I have 8 week old w/leukemia, now I found the litter it came from.

2005-08-03 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Take them to Bonanza Cat Hosp. They are really great at helping cats. Please mention that 2nd Chance Cat Rescue suggested you take them to them. I worked with them in January to get 2 cats into a new home. If you like you can call me at 510 522 4762

Re: another blind kitten

2005-07-25 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, The 1st thing is to have a vet check it's eyes. If nothing can be done to restore it's sight the vet may recommend that it's eyes be removed. Blind kittens or cats can get along just fine. The maine thing is don't move the furniture around. They don't have the mental hangups than people do. I

RE: housing/fostering of FeLV+ cats

2005-07-20 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, When I was working I kept the number down to 18. am now down to four (4). Now that I am retired, wheelchair bound, my max is six (6). Thank you for the Pat on the Back. The good news is when I had one of my cats at the vet today he told me that very few FeLV+ cats show up anymore. And their

Re: housing/fostering of FeLV+ cats

2005-07-19 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I believe I said I could take one (1) at this time. I was one of the Founders of Island Cat Rescue, 11 yrs. ago. At the present time I am a member of 2nd Chance Cat Rescue. All the cats are kept indoors except for the patio that has Fence In around the top of it. I have been taking in Felv+

Re: housing/fostering of FeLV+ cats

2005-07-15 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I live in the San Fancisco bay area. I have been taking FeLV+ cats into my home for 13+ yrs. If you can get the cat to me I will take it sight unseen My phone # is 510 522 4762


2005-06-12 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, If it is FIP you may be in luck as I was. I had 18 FeLV+ cats and was fostering a cat that turned out to have FIP and had to be put down. I sweated it out for several mos. and I was very lucky that to my knowedge none of my cats came down with it. If they did they were able to fight it off. My

Re: Jenn/your posts-a question

2005-05-29 Thread Karolyn Lount

RE: Jenn/your posts-a question

2005-05-29 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, This message has a Black Background wth Blue letters, except for the text that never changes and that type is Black on White

RE: Jenn/your posts-a question

2005-05-29 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, P.S. I was wrong on the background for the type that never chages. The letters are white on a blackground

Re: OT: GA Kitten Faces Gas

2005-05-29 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, If I read your message correctly that this kitten FeLV+ I will take him if someone can get him to me, I live in the San Francisco Bay area

RE: OT cat-safe roach control

2005-05-26 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, It cut way down on the number I saw. You will not fine dead ones. They carry the boric acid back to their nest and then they explode. The reason for that is they can't Fart

Re: KittyKind as a symbol--LONG LONG response!

2005-05-26 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I agree with you whole heartily. I have had to say no as my limit was at 18 and that is in a one bedroom condo. There are people who just do not realize that they are in over their head. As for the dead cats in her backyard...Come On The live ones needed the money and time. I know many people

Re: can we drop the kittykind subject?

2005-05-26 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I could not have said it better

Re: Please read this response!! URGENT:DO NOT USE-KittyKind -CAT RESCUE-in Orange, NJ]

2005-05-26 Thread Karolyn Lount
That Hospital would have had to pay for their disposal. They do not get to dispose the expired animals for free

Re: OT cat-safe roach control

2005-05-22 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Put the Boric Acid in the back of your cupboards where your cats can't get to it. Roaches have been around for million of years and will be here long after we are gone. I hate them too. When I lived i n San Francisco I had an on going battle with them. I was afraid when I moved out of the city

RE: Ive lost her.....

2005-05-22 Thread Karolyn Lount
Thank you so very much for sharing with us. I can't speak for the others on this list, but your sharing for me it has been a God Send. In 2 weeks I lost 2 of my + babies and these babies are very special. I remember when they were being put down right and left. I started rescuing them 14yrs.

Re: Nictating Membrane - What does/could it mean?

2005-05-18 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, When the 3rd eyelid is showing that means there is some kind of infection going on

Re: 'Bout time! Hartz exposed...

2005-05-18 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, You might want to print up some fliers that tell about the danger of this product and not to use it and pass them out. Then enough people might say something to the store mgr. he just might remove the display or the entire product. If not your flier just might keep some people from using it


2005-05-13 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, It should be no trouble to take your cats with you. Lots of people drive across country with cats. The first thing is you should not plan on driving straight thru. That is dangerous to you and other people on the road

Re: I need ideas on best brand of carrier for feral

2005-05-05 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, For the IV's, shots and examination you may want to try a Squeeze Cage. If you can get the cat into a Trap then you can transfer it to the Squeeze Cage. If you put newspaper under the bottom of the trap you can keep a cat in a BIG trap for a few days.I don't know if you know what a Squeeze

Re: I need ideas on best brand of carrier for feral

2005-05-05 Thread Karolyn Lount
You can also get the same type of carrier (with wheels) from the Collections, Etc. catalog for $14.95 . Their phone number is 620 584 8000

Re: Source for Natural Hydrocortisone

2005-04-26 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Have you tried to get the Meds compounded? I have mine done and it makes medicating my cats so easy.


2005-04-12 Thread Karolyn Lount
Yes, I have had all kinds. Also good news. The other day at the Vet's the Doctor told me that he is seeing a lot less positive cats than he has seen in previous years.


2005-04-12 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi again, I had one that lived 10+ yrs. They use to say that positive cats did not live past age 3yrs. You must remember that some cats that test positive could be carriers. I have had some die of things that go wth Old Age. I do hope that every one of mine that tests positive could be a

Re: Shelby - Tumor

2005-04-10 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I am so happy you decided to go for an Ultrasound. Where to go from here? My own experience has been to go with what my Vet has to say. I have been rescuing FeLV+ for 13+yrs. and have been with the same vet for 22yrs. My Vet is in San Francisco and I live across the bay and there is a Vet

Re: My beautiful angel Jazz is gone

2005-04-10 Thread Karolyn Lount
Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. She will never be out of your heart. In the years to come you will remember special things about her. Plese let these reminders be monents of love for the joy she brought into your life


2005-04-10 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I have also been mixing my + - for 13yrs. and not one of my negatives have become FeLF+

RE: OT:FIV false positive?

2005-04-02 Thread Karolyn Lount
This could be because if the FIV+ cat (Licks) washes the FIV- cat and then if the FIV- cat licks it's self on the spot where the FIV+ cat licked him/her and said cat has a break in the skin in it's mouth it is then possible that the FIV- can become FIV+

RE: OT:FIV false positive?

2005-03-30 Thread Karolyn Lount
It has been my experience that 99% of FIV+ cats live to die of things related to negative old cats

Re: Hartz product problems..... again, petition and info.

2005-03-28 Thread Karolyn Lount
Some years ago when Hartz came out with Blockade Flea Tick killer. This product was killing cats and dogs right and left. The Wall Street Journal came out with an article about it on their front page. I made hundreds of copies. First I went to Albertson's aka Lucky markets and asked to see the

Re: Fast Quick Question

2005-03-24 Thread Karolyn Lount
Rear Flank. for all shots

Re: My newest addition Ling

2005-03-23 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, The medication used is in pill form, but the medication can be compounded and applied to the ear flap (Not in the Ear) Cats can live a long time using this medication

Re: OT-need advise

2005-03-19 Thread Karolyn Lount
What I have used for many years are carriers wit Turn Locks Turn Locks are L shaped that hold the carrier together. Often, while the carrier is apart, I put the cat in the bottom part then just put the carrier together. Then in the vet's I take the carrier apart putting the L: shaped locks in my

RE: large sheets for bedspreads

2005-03-16 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, When I sent the mesage about using a big sheet on your beds I meant Instead of a spread,etc.

RE: OT:Tonya - killing ferals

2005-03-16 Thread Karolyn Lount
God Bless You for saving the dogs you could. Something a lot of people do not know is that when several stray dogs get together they become a Pack and often revert to behaving like a Pack of Wild Dogs and do become very dangerous. The ones that do join a pack as an adult can be fine as a pet when

Re: OT:Check out Alliance for Animals: Action Alerts (Cat Hunting in WI.)

2005-03-14 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I am 79 and a couple of mos. ago I took in a couple of 9mo. old FeLV+ cats. I feel they may outlive me. I now have 7 and have made arrangements that when I pass on that my cats will be taked care of for the rest of their lives.

Re: OT: To Cherie - Lovey and Merry Home! :) - Third Act! LONG!

2005-03-12 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I have been rescuing FeLV+ for 12+ yrs. Some of them have passed on in less then 12 hrs. after (as I refer to it) It has kicked in Those of us whom rescue them are blessed as we get to share our lives with so many cats that we want and love and release with love

RE: New cat litter will detect illness in cats

2005-03-08 Thread Karolyn Lount
I use Wooden Pellets that are made for stoves. I pay $4.19 for 40 lbs. I just cover the bottom of the pan. By doing this you do not have the weight of other litters. After they pee on it, it turns to silt

Re: Thank you fm Del and Angel Effie

2005-03-08 Thread Karolyn Lount
May I suggest that when you need to replace bedspreads but large sheets with a pattern. From a distance they look like a regular bedspread. They are also a lot easier to wash. I picked this hint up from a neighbor of mine that has 10 cats.

Re: New To This

2005-03-08 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I use to have 18 cats both -+ and I had no choice but to mix them because I live in a one bedroom condo. To the best of my knowledge none of my - became +. Many of my + lived long enough to die because of problems that come with old age. And then some of them died as young as 3mos. of age. It

Re: Loki Advice: fleas, throwing up

2005-03-03 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, I use Advantage in stead of Revolution unless my cats have ear mites. My vet will not carrie Revolution because of the amount of chemicals in it. To save money with the Advantage use the dog size with a syringe, without the needle, and apply the amount required for the weight of the cat

Re: outdoor arrangments (was:Tip is Gone)

2005-03-03 Thread Karolyn Lount
If you put chicken wire on the top the hawks can not get them. You need to cover the top so the cats can not climb out of the enclosure

Re: Tip is Gone

2005-02-25 Thread Karolyn Lount
I am so sorry. I can relate to how you feel.

Re: off-topic/should I worry about kitty making a noise when she breathes?

2005-02-25 Thread Karolyn Lount
Yes..Cats do snoreI have had some nights when I felt I was trying to sleep in a very large dorm. I have one cat that makes strange sounds while breathing. I have had her for 5yrs. and she is as healthy as a horse(as the saying goes) I whould still have your Vet check out your kitty for the

Re: Killian- quick update

2005-02-21 Thread Karolyn Lount
Just because the cat feels better does not mean it is over the URI. This can be a dangerous time if you do not continue with the meds. This is why the doctors always tell to use all the medicine even if we feel better

RE: For Hideyo -- Your loss of Suzi

2005-02-18 Thread Karolyn Lount
Please don't blame yourself.Tthere is a strong chance that even if you had been there nothing could have been done to save her. Ever time a cat is Anesthesied there is a chance they may not make it.

Re: OT: New addition

2005-02-18 Thread Karolyn Lount
I have found that my Fixed Toms make grate surogate mothers. My femals, at first, hiss as if to say get away you are not mine

Re: question

2005-02-17 Thread Karolyn Lount
Hi, Before I would gve her anything I would contact a good SPCA near where you live. or a Vet College near where you live.

Re: OT-Simba is missing

2005-02-14 Thread Karolyn Lount
When I had cats that were indoor/outdoor I trained them to come to a Dog Whistle. It is a very easy thing to do. Adjust the whistle to where you can hear it. Then for 1 week blow the whistle each time you call them by name, or call them to come in Like here Kitty Kitty. At the end of the week only