Re: [Felvtalk] Uneven pupils and Shmoo

2013-12-22 Thread Katherine Kershaw
Hi Margo, Thanks for this info. I apologize, but he could have been sedated, I'm not sure of the difference so I could be mistaken in my description. We were able to 'wake' him afterward but he was very groggy for a good part of the night. I'll ask about these drugs. I'm also gonna take him

Re: [Felvtalk] Best litter for FeLV?

2013-11-10 Thread Katherine Kershaw
May also want to consider pneumonia as a cause for coughing. Xray can determine it. Is it phlegmy sounding? My cat was swallowing, coughing, had a gurgly sounding purr and was diagnosed with a little pneumonia. Cleared up with antibiotics. Beth wrote: They make sifting

[Felvtalk] Rehoming positive kittens

2013-08-08 Thread Katherine Kershaw
Has anyone had luck with rehoming kittens who test positive for FeLV? I have been fostering healthy kittens successfully for a number of years with a local rescue group here in North Carolina. In May I got a litter of 4 when they were 2 weeks old. Mom tested negative so we didn't test the babies