Re: Chocolate cat needs a name

2007-02-16 Thread lilash3
I once had a cat named Moose (or Mousse) maybe after Chocolate Mousse -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 7:14 AM Subject: RE: Chocolate cat needs a name How about Hershey? Or Milton?Leah From: [EMAIL

Re: O/T

2007-01-08 Thread lilash3
I've used the remedy stuff before for Mr. Kitten and myself. The place I got it was just a regular nutrition store so I figured it was safe for me too. However, it doesn't taste that great and I didn't really feel much different, but who knows, maybe I didn't take enough, or maybe I was too

Re: Mr. Spock L'il Abner

2006-12-27 Thread lilash3
L'il Abner and Mr. Spock were very lucky to have each other's company. And all three are such cute kitties! My Mr. Kitten had a good friend that came home with him from the SPCA that he just loved dearly, but her mom decided to take her to a different house once we learned that Mr. Kitten

Odd Behavior

2006-12-27 Thread lilash3
Just recently Mr. Kitten has been acting sort of odd. There have been several times he's been curled up sleeping or just lounging around and then will let out this sort of low growl/meow noise and raise his little rear end up, then lie right back down and go to sleep or whatever it was he was

Re: Test

2006-12-20 Thread lilash3
I received it. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 8:26 PM Subject: Test I haven't been receiving any mail from the list -- just testing to see if this goes through. elizabeth

Re: New cat on the block

2006-12-19 Thread Lilash3
Mr. Kitten has not received any vaccines since being diagnosed. He did receive a Prednisone shot that was administered in his neck, but I don't know if that is the normal spot for that injection or not. I live in a smaller town so it's hard to find a wide range of vets, expecially ones

New cat on the block

2006-12-18 Thread Lilash3
So, I've just recently added to this list and have been reading just about everything I get in order to try and get the hang of things. My name is Ashley and I have a Felv+ cat named Mr. Kitten. I got him from our local SPCA in Jan 2004 and he will be turning four this upcoming January.

Slightly Confused

2006-12-13 Thread Lilash3
I just joined this mailing list and I am kind of confused as to how it works. I receive emails from others, but they are slightly erratic, sometime I will be getting the answer to a question, but never got the question, or vice versa. And also, is this the only communication or is there a